We are all special and important…

Style should not be reserved for celebrities alone.  Everyone has their own personal flare of style and star quality inside waiting to be revealed. 

Vesna Cavic - Personal Stylist

As a little girl growing up in Argentina where fashion is infused within the local culture and the latest European styles are being paraded daily, my love for fashion and style became part of the fabric of who I am.

I remember visiting my cousins’ design/manufacturing workshop of stylish women’s clothing and instantly feeling at home, inspired among such beautiful designs, styles and fabrics.

I never stopped carrying this love for fashion and styling in my heart.

As I grew and since moving to Australia, I discovered through experience gained from working for an international clothing brand, that the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my work was when I got the opportunity to help women create an outfit that made them feel great.

That’s why I decided to take this passion to the next level and obtain formal training  with Wendy Mak which led to the creation of “Vesna Personal Stylist”.

Just a personal note here, I moved to Australia in 2001 from Argentina with my husband. I learnt English over there and when we moved here I realised that I had a long way to go to adapt to the local language or a long way to go to speak like a local. I actually enjoyed the personal and cultural experience; however I wasn’t happy with my accent. I wanted to fit in quickly and I didn’t want to sound different. Long story short, I have learned over the years that, this accent is what makes me unique, it adds flavour to my persona and is an important part of who I am…..and you know what? Now, I am very proud of it. So, if we have the chance to meet each other, you will realise that my accent sounds South American, and perhaps exotic and charming. And yes, you will notice that my writing skills are perhaps not 100% accurate. But I think the important thing is that we communicate and that I add value and offer advice right away, rather than waiting until my grammar skills are perfected (and who knows if that will even happen!).

I am also a wife, a mum of two energetic and spirited kids, a yoga and nature lover, an eager student of all things related to mind-body-spirit, a tango and pole dancer in progress and an advocate for slow, conscious and sustainable fashion.

At “Vesna Personal Stylist“, I am here to assist and encourage you to:

  • Look and feel your best
  • Discover your unique style and individual characteristics that make you shine
  • Attain the look you want:  slimmer, taller, younger, etc
  • Experience a personal transformation
  • Create sustainable changes
  • Have fun while it all takes place

Are you looking for a change or want to boost your confidence?  Do you want an edge in your professional life or want to discover your own signature style?  “Vesna Personal Stylist” is ready to help you.  I tailor my programs to fit your personal needs.  No matter what your shape, size, budget or lifestyle, you deserve to look and feel your best.

Vesna Cavic - Personal Stylist AdelaideIf shopping for fashion seems more like a chore, leaving you with swollen feet and too tired to fit into those gorgeous shoes you’ve just bought; let me put fun back into shopping, dressing and all aspects of fashion and styling making it easy and accessible for everyone.

With individualised personal attention I take the time to listen and understand your individual tastes, preferences, values, personality, lifestyle and style needs.

I look forward to building a trusting relationship with you because I really care about you and I am committed to bringing you your desired results.

My easy going consultation approach is designed to bring out your best from the inside out to help you easily and quickly look good. I want you to believe in yourself so you can move forward and achieve your goals with a positive self-image every day.

So check out my personal shopping, wardrobe makeover and style party services to start your styling transformation today.


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