4 Reasons why you should accessorise your outfits

I often hear women saying “I don’t tend to accessorise my outfits”, or “my wardrobe looks so boring” or “I’m always wearing the same outfit…………

Think about accessories as the topping of the cake and also consider accessories as the best wardrobe pieces for creating multiple looks for less.

Here are some of the reasons why you should accessorise your outfits:

1)      To draw the attention away from any area that you may prefer to hide and to bring attention to areas you may like to enhance

Think about that accessories like jewellery, belts, shoes, hats, scarves, handbag’s, hosiery and sunglasses which are bold, colourful, chunky, big or sparkly they catch your attention.  Subconsciously, your eyes tend to get stuck to wherever area of your body the accessory is placed or worn and you may pay minimal attention to the rest of the body.  You can use the example from the photo below to draw the attention away from your hips and thighs and bring the attention to your upper body.

Accessories to draw attention


2)      To transform a basic & boring outfit into an exciting look

Generally speaking a plain outfit, i.e, a black dress with no details at all, not any jewellery and plain black simple shoes may look boring and dull. However if you accessorise the same outfit with some sparkly jewellery & sophisticated shoes your look will totally change into something exciting, glamorous and unique.  The same will happen if you wear a basic t-shirt, denim pants and plain shoes like the photo below. When you introduce interesting colours, textures with accessories the outfit will look more alive and vibrant.

Accessorising 1


Photo Source: www.polyvore.com

3)      To keep your wardrobe current without having to spend a fortune

Think about that accessories are great to keep your wardrobe trendy, fun and current without having to spend much money. If you have your wardrobe essentials or staples covered , which don’t date easily, like the basic white blouse/shirt, little black dress, or dark wash jeans; you can add a new accessory every season or every second season to incorporate the latest fashion trends into your wardrobe. For example, if floral patterns are very much on trend rather than buying a floral blazer you could buy a floral scarf.

4)      To add personality to your clothing

If you wanted to look feminine & romantic, classic or bohemian, you could do it through accessories.  Think like for example a flowery brooche will give you a feminine touch to your outfit, a pearl necklace a more classic and elegant look and a long layered necklace with feathers, beads and fringing will give you a bohemian touch. i.e. the look below could work for someone who would like to look  more adventurous and fearless.

add personality with your outfit


Photo Source: www.polyvore.com

So, I strongly believe that accessories should be your best friend and it’s not that I was trying to convince you to wear accessories. However, by incorporating some new fashion jewellery pieces or scarves into your wardrobe could be just enough to get you more excited about your wardrobe.

Would you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave your comments below…………..

What do you think?

  • Yvonne

    I have nice jewellery so don’t tend to wear costume jewellery. I am short waisted and can’t wear belts so what should I do to funk it up a bit, just shoes and scarves ?

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for connecting.If you have a minimal style or tend to wear fine jewellery you could still make a statement and add excitement to your outfit by carrying a simple combination of accessories. You could even pick one favourite accessory and play with it in a big way i.e. if you like bracelets and cuffs, wear 3 to 4 bracelets at the same time and this will create a unique and interesting look without having to wear chunky custom jewellery. In regards to other accessories, yes you’re right, you could explore into the world of shoes, scarves, hats, handbags, hair accessories, specs and brooches. Hope this helps…..Love. Vesna

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