Guide to fashion scarves

Instantly add polish to anything you wear with fashion scarves.  Even if you are not an expert in scarf tying, a scarf just wrapped around the neck can boost an outfit’s appeal. Best of all, fashion scarves can be worn all year round. These simple, versatile and highly-affordable accessories can be found in a plethora of colours, patterns and textures to add a voguish feel to your ensembles.

Scarf Buying Guidelines

Consider a scarf that complements your body figure. It should also be versatile to get the most wear for your money.

Pashmina scarves are a popular option as they provide both warmth and beauty when draped softly around the neck.


Scarf 1

 Collection 59 Solid Pashmina Wrap

Scarf 2

   Tolani Pashmina Silk Scarf in Zebra


Winter scarves can be made of wool or chunky knit for a cutting-edge look with any jacket.

 Scarf 3

ASOS Textured Knit Snood

Scarf 4

MINKPINK Pure Brilliance Snood



Plaid and leopard print scarves are both classic and trendy. Wear it with jeans or a dress to add color and print.

   Scarf 5

Aqua Boucle Plaid Scarf


Scarf 6

Jayne Dark Muted Leopard Print Scarf

Scarf 7

Theodora & Callum Azores Scarf

Many women underestimate the benefits of a fashion scarf. While other accessories like handbags and jewelry can certainly add to your outfit, a scarf can provide instant texture to even the most boring of outfits – and are much cheaper than a nice pair of shoes. The problem that many women have is that they don’t know how to wear the scarves they already own. Go get your creative juices flowing by mixing and matching those scarves.

If you’re still having difficulty incorporating your scarves with articles of clothing, opt for a simple and timeless style.

     Scarf 8

CHAN LUU Polka Dot Scarf

Scarf 9

FENDI KEFIAH Zucchino Red Scarf

For example, a plain wool scarf or basic two-toned plaid scarf can give your outfit the chicness it deserves without going over-the-top. Begin with versatile colors, such as cream, black and brown before moving to more vibrant shades.

Hope you start exploring the fascinating world of scarves and if you’re already a scarf’s fan what about exploring news ways of knotting them………….

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