How to keep stylish On-the-Go

Having items that can be easily mixed and matched and understanding how to accessorise your outfits to dress it up or down, depending on what you’re looking for, could be the missing keys  to keep you stylish on the go or when time is precious.

But before heading into that part, in order to feel & look stylish and fabulous every day with little effort, it’s vital to have the below styling pillars in place:

  • Identify your body shape and learn how to dress it. So you can start shopping for pieces that flatter your shape and enhance your body assets.
  • Have colours in your wardrobe that work for your skin tone. These coloured items could be a mix of accessories and some key clothing pieces.
  • Have a tidy and organised wardrobe so you can see everything you own.

If you have these pillars or styling fundamentals already sorted out, you are just one step ahead of looking great every day. If not, remember that I can help you and support you during this style journey and offer you a tailored styling sessions that would work for your particular situation

The missing link here is getting more confident and daring about accessorising and mixing & matching your clothing. As you can see in the outfits below, it’s not rocket science how we could transition these two garments, a pair jeans and a cream blouse, from a day time classic look into a night time creative/adventurous look.

Dressing down or up

Sparkly jewellery, sophisticated shoes a perhaps a punch of a vibrant colour can totally change the an outfit  (refer to left outfit)  into something exciting, glamorous and unique (refer to right outfit).

When you introduce interesting colours like this vibrant blue, textures like the reptile leather handbag with sparkly accessories the transformed outfit will look very different; in this case the right outfit looks more alive, vibrant, adventurous and more appropriate for night time.

So, in order to keep stylish on the go; I think accessories could become your best friend. They can help you keep your wardrobe trendy, fun and current without having to spend much money.

So if you:

Know how to dress your body shape,

Feel confident and happy about the selection of colours within your clothing and accessories,

Your wardrobe is looking organised,

Have your essentials or staples covered , which don’t date easily, like the basic white blouse/shirt, little black dress, or dark wash jeans; you can add a new accessory every season or every second season to your wardrobe fresh and updated and to quickly dress down or up your outfits. This is the formula to keep stylish on the go.

Does this sound like a challenging achievement? How are you currently feeling about these pillars that I’ve mentioned above? I’d really appreciate it if you could hit the reply button or head into my Facebook page to leave your comments..

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