I don’t know how to accessorise – Part 1

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this phrase: “I can’t accessorise”. When you add accessories to your outfit, it’s important to take into consideration your body frame, your body shape, proportions, what you have in your wardrobe and occupation.

Today, I’m going to focus on body frame or scale. It’s always better to choose a size of accessory that’s in harmony with your body scale. Body frame takes into account your height, weight and bone structure. Generally speaking if you have a small body frame, small to medium accessories will work for you. While on the other hand, if you have a large body frame choose medium to large accessories. On a medium scale or body frame, any size accessory will work for you. However, if you’re short it’s better to stick with small to medium accessories since chunky ones may make you look shorter.

Here are some examples of what accessories you can wear or not wear if you are petite or have a small body frame.

 Scarves on petite womenJamie McCarthyGetty Images

There are lots of ways to wear a scarf stylishly, and on short petite women can help elongate their bodies, making themselves look longer and leaner by wearing a scarf in a way that flatters their petite physique (photo on the left). On the other hand, certain ways of wearing a scarf can actually make a short woman look even shorter (photo on the right).

Big Accesories on petite women

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

With handbags, or other accessories such as sunglasses, a medium- to small-sized handbag usually works best for the short woman. However on a tall person (middle photo) they would look great. You can also see from in the photo that the size of the sunglasses (photo on the left) and the size of the handbag (photo on the right) look really overwhelming on their body frames and look out of proportion in size.

Remember that accessories are a great way to get the look you want. i.e. chic, elegant, sophisticated, professional, casual, fun or artistic and to look and feel younger. However, a polished look is achieved through balance, so don’t go overboard with your accessories. I’d normally say maximum of 3-4 (i.e. earrings, bracelet, cocktail ring and belt) since too many can appear flashy or overdone. If you’re in doubt don’t wear it or post a photo in Facebook of your accessorised outfit and I could give you my feedback. Alternatively, I do offer one-on-one accessorising sessions, if this something that could interest you.

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