The Best in Jewellery Trends: Mixing Metals

Mixing metals

Previously, mixing jewellery metals was deemed a fashion faux paux. Lately, however; women have tossed tradition out the window and are now focusing on creating fabulous designs with a variety of metal chains, beads, charms, and other findings in silver, gold and base metals. This look isn’t for everyone, as many women prefer the polished look of all one color or another. If you’re willing to break the rules for fashion, keep these simple tips in mind to wear mixed metals with style.

Mix corresponding rings with your watch. Keep things simple by matching the metal of your rings with the watch on that hand. If you still want to wear a ring of a different metal, wear it on the opposite hand.

Consider the proximity of metals and match accordingly. For example, necklaces and earrings should be the same metal if they are in close proximity to one another. The same can be said for belts and bag hardware, as well as rings and bracelets.

Stick with the same metal for fine jewellery. If you’re a woman who wears only fine jewellery, keep it all silver or all gold. A fine gold and diamond ring will rarely look good when paired with a sporty silver watchband on the same hand.

Wear multi-metal pieces together for the best of both worlds. If you can’t choose between gold and silver, choose jewellery that has both metals in one piece. This allows you to easily pair your favorite pieces together without breaking any rules.

Do you like to mix metals? Do you have any tip to share with us to mix various metals together harmoniously? Let me know!

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