Bring out your best body features

Last week I did my 2nd Facebook Live Video in preparation to the launch of the Book “Dear Confidence: Unleashing your Personal Style & Brand”. I talked about understanding our body shape so we can choose garments  and accessories that bring balance to our body.

This is a very powerful approach to dress your shape because it moves your attention away from “what size you are” to “how to bring out your best body features”. Most of us have been dressing only following external conditionings, such as sizes.  We haven’t learnt to dress following our internal guidance, understanding our body features and proportions and few other personal values. It’s time now to get our power back………

I uploaded this video in youtube so you get the chance to watch it at any time. As per the photo below, in this video I do my own body shape analysis. Watch it and you can do yours and if you haven’t got your “Body Shape Blueprint”, please hit reply and ask me for your copy.


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Please make sure to get in touch with me if you have any questions about this video

Talk to you soon

Vesna xx

Book “Dear Confidence” Launch – Only 6 weeks to go!

March is nearly gone and it makes me realise that there are only 6 weeks left until the launch of my book.

It’s also now a time for reflection. I struggled with my confidence for a long time. However, today I feel a confident and an empowered woman. I also feel that it’s important to talk about this subject.

The moment we feel confident and experience that sense of getting our power back; our lives, family and professional relationships and our connection with the world changes for the better. We start to feel that we’re shining our lights……

Please, let me share with you how I did it xx


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I now embrace who I am

Today is 17th March 2017 and I feel so proud to tell you that I now embrace who I am. I’m also so grateful for how much I’ve grown since I created Vesna Personal Stylist back in 2012. In this short video I share with you what’s happening with Vesna Personal Stylist in the next couple of months (a little secret: a book is about to be released) and how I got re-united with my dear friend Confidence.

I also wanted to share with you that now I can freely and openly say that I feel beautiful, confident and radiant. Not just because I can say it but also because I can deeply feel it.

How are you feeling about yourself?  If you feel beautiful and confident as well I’d love to hear how did you get there. If this not your case, please stay tuned and make sure you read my next’s week newsletter. I’ll take you on a fulfilling trip to re-gain your confidence back!..

Till next week

Vesna xxx

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You can break those unhealthy shopping habits – Part 2

In the previous blog I shared some of the most popular disempowering shopping habits that a lot of women struggle with and also some tips on how to break them.

Are you buying more and more, wearing less, and start experiencing a lot of frustration and disappointment during your shopping trips? You may be experiencing some of these unhealthy shopping habits:

 Constantly buying the same things

How to break it: if you find yourself buying the same style of clothing it could because of a lack of knowledge on what suit your personality and body shape or because you’ve lost that confidence into trying new things or you just can be bothered. If you simply feel you can’t be bothered to try new things, ask yourself whether you’ve given up on “looking after yourself”. Register for a workshop top open your mind to new options and get to know yourself or work with a personal stylist who can inspire you and teach how to get out of your style rut.

Buying the same item in 2,3 or 4 colours

How to break it: I find that most of the time this habit comes from a “scarcity mentality” or from a “negative attitude” towards shopping. When you shop thinking that it’s going to be hard to find something that suit you or that you don’t have time to keep looking around or come back another day, it’s kind of easy to buy the same items in few colours. Finally, you find something that your like or suits you; so you’ll buy it in 3 different colours. This is not a very healthy way to shop for your wardrobe because eventually you will feel that you are wearing the same things and that you lack versatility. My suggestion would be,start journaling (buy a new notebook) your fashion purchases and every time you fall into this habit, dig into your emotions and mind. Write down the conversation that is happening inside you; i.e. what made you buy that garment in few colours, what could had happened if you bought just one garment in your most favourite colour? etc. Please avoid using the question WHY, because your mind immediately will go into “defense mode” and emotionally you will feel attacked; consequently, you won’t be in the mood to self-enquiry.

You give into every sale email or promotion (they make you all of the sudden need something)

How to break it: If you’ve subscribed to many stores’ newsletters, perhaps it’s time now to start unsubscribing so you don’t see what’s happening in stores now. Remember out of sight out of mind. If you are physically shopping for something in particular and you find some amazing sales that feel almost painful to miss, remind yourself why did you originally come to the shops for. You need to distract yourself, so you can  leave the shop, go for a walk, stop for a coffee and read something that interests you or ring a friend.

You constantly forget or can’t be bothered to return items you’re not happy with

How to break it: Simply stop buying clothes without trying them. Become more knowledgeable, empowered and confident in your purchases decisions through learning the skills of styling and dressing your shape (through group session or workshops or one-on-ones sessions). Also take photo of what you have in your wardrobe so you could get a I good idea of what you could be mixing this new item with. If you don’t have anything at home to mix and match don’t buy it. If what you’re about to buy is going to be a staple piece or investment in your wardrobe because you’re starting to build your wardrobe from scratch put some thoughts into it, such as “Does this pair of jeans flatter my shape?  Does it make feel and look great?  Do I really need a light blue denim or would it be more practical to get a dark blue denim instead?”

Using fashion as a kind of instant gratification

How to break it: A lot of women, including me, get an immediate sense of pleasure and gratification when shopping and buying but once you become more conscious and aware that you’re on a mission to boost your confidence and create a minimal, practical and versatile wardrobe you will be less inclined to use fashion as a tool to temporarily fulfil you. In that moment when you’re about to make that decision of hitting the shops, take few breaths and allow yourself to explore other activities which will bring you pleasure and gratification without jeopardising your confidence, wardrobe, emotional being or health i.e. going for a walk, listening to an inspiring podcast, buying something for a friend or a stranger (as a random act of kindness), etc.

If you think you are experiencing some unhealthy shopping habits, please do something about it. Look for help and take some actions to upgrade them for empowering habits; you will automatically boost your confidence, your wardrobe will thank you and you will feel liberated.


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Thanks for being here

Vesna xx

You can break those unhealthy Shopping Habits – PART 1

Let’s face it, majority of women don’t know much about their body shapes, body proportions, colours that suit their skin and not to mention strategies to update their wardrobes. So how can we expect  to be wise shoppers when it comes clothes and accessories. Consequently a lot of unhealthy shopping habits are developed during our life.

This is a hot topic because apart from the challenges mentioned above, most of us are immersed in a society of high consumption and get easily influenced by the impact of fast fashion.

According to a market research done by IBIS World, Fast Fashion is about fashion firms providing the latest fashion styles at affordable prices. Fast fashion retailers typically take trends from runway shows and deliver new collections for mass consumption on a frequent basis. These operators have short production and distribution lead times, which enables them to adapt their product range to current and emerging trends in as little as two weeks.

Weak consumer sentiment and subdued disposable income growth over the past five years have prompted many consumers to look for cheaper clothing alternatives. This has contributed significantly to the popularity of fast fashion stores, due to their ability to offer low prices while constantly updating product ranges with new styles and designs.

So we end buying more, wearing less,  and start experiencing a lot of frustration and disappointment during our shopping trips.

I’ve put together below a list of the most common unhealthy shopping habits that I see a lot of women going through.

Try to keep up with latest trends, street style stars, models, fashion bloggers, magazine editors, friends, etc without considering what suits your body shape, personality and lifestyle.

How to break it: remember that fashion is about the mass is a not about the individual so it pays off to learn about your body shape, body proportions, your colours and what suits your lifestyle and personality. A personal stylist would be the best person to teach you about these topics.

Impulse buying

How to break it: when you feel that urge to buy that particular item, you need to get distracted, leave the shop, go for a walk, stop for a coffee and read something that interests you or ring a friend. Generally the feeling of wanted to buy right now that piece you saw fades away.

 Shop when I’m bored

How to break it: replace that feeling with an activity that will bring you a sense of fulfilment. i.e. if you’re shopping online because you’re bored, leave that online retailer website, search for a charity organisation that is doing something that inspires you and donate some money.

 Shop without planning

How to break it: when we go to the shops without purpose or buying for the sake of wearing something new, we end getting pieces that may not go with anything in your wardrobe or things that you don’t need and only wear it once a year. So, I’d recommend you culling your wardrobe every season and find out if there any gaps that needs to be filled. Based on those gaps you may have identified you can create a shopping list of suggested times to buy on your next shopping trips.

Sacrifice real-life stuff for fashion

How to break it: if your food, education or health gets at the bottom of the list when it comes to how you invest your money and fashion becomes your priority, it’s time to change it! Putting some cash on the side and committing to only paying for those fashion items with that cash could be a way to upgrade this habit. If you know that this won’t happen please give permission to yourself to ask for help.

We all make mistakes and buy things that then we regret or that we don’t feel comfortable or confident wearing. I’m not exempted from those mistakes, but they tend to happen less often. Mistakes are ok as long as they don’t become a habit. If we get aware of them and take some actions to upgrade them for empowering habits you will automatically boost your confidence.

In the next article I’m going to share with you some more of these disempowering shopping habits. In the meantime if you have any that you’d like to share with me please do it.

I really enjoy connecting with you

Thanks for being here

Vesna xx

a Wave of Clothes

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How are you showing up everyday?

Woody Allen once said that 80% of success is about simply showing up. I agree, but it’s also “showing up well”. In practical terms, to look, sound and communicate your best, it takes time, commitment and dedication. Yes. I get it! This sounds like a lot of work. You’re right.

Showing up well, particularly when it comes to your personal style, it requires getting to know who you are and dressing to bring the best version of yourself. So, to “show up well” you need to love yourself, accept who you are and give permission and time to look after you. i.e. a simple grooming routine to start the day, refreshing your wardrobe regularly, exploring new colours, dressing to highlight your best bitts, and to flatter your body, etc.

Showing up well is not different than learning a new skill or a new language. But once you become better and better at “Showing up well”, the strength of your presence and of your confidence will allow you to shine and start the day with a much more empowering attitude.

Aweber Photo Showing up

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The meaning and energy behind black

For those of you who have known me for some time now, you may have noticed that I love a touch of colours in my outfits and that’s something I appreciate in someone else’s outfit. I believe that if nature has given us some many choices of food, fruits, places to visit, music to listen and colours to use or wear why don’t embrace them. Even though you may not like all of the choices up there, without trying or without exploring new colours you will never know how good they can make you feel or the positive impact they can have in your life and wardrobe. Not only that, but colours have their own meaning and energy. So what sort of energy would you like to feel and portray through your outfits and the colours you wear?

In today’s video I talk about the meaning behind the colour black.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.20.16 pm


Please let me know your thoughts about this video and please share with us your experience when trying different colours.

Have a beautiful day

Vesna xx



My first raw & un-edited video

This is my first raw and un-edited video. Here I’m out of my comfort zone. Not professional makeup or hair styling, neither professional lights or video camera have been used. To be honest with you, I was on my own at home when I decided to do this video for you. Luckily I managed to get the video shooting done with the help of my iPad and tripode. This made me feel really uncomfortable because I haven’t done it before and because of my fear of not looking professional enough.

I did it and it wasn’t too bad. At least this is what I think. So now, it’s your turn to do something out of your comfort zone when it comes to dressing or organising your wardrobe.

Click here now to watch this video and get inspired to take some action.

And please let me know how you go. I’d love to hear from you. So leave your comment below

Thanks for watching

Vesna xx

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The Barbra Streisand’s confidence factor 

I haven’t always felt confident about my look and appearance. As a teenager I didn’t feel attractive, sexy or beautiful. I struggled liking my nose and I felt I had no curves (not much bum, not much boobs). It took me few years of accepting who I was and finally liking myself. Later on, I realised that the confidence I lacked had to come from within myself. As soon as my thoughts about my appearance shifted I felt more attractive and started to notice my best bits.

 Talking about confidence and self-acceptance I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you an extract from an article from The Telegraph UK about Barbra Streisand.

 “Barbra Streisand has never been a conventional beauty. Ironically, it was Streisand’s striking looks that at first stood in her way of becoming an actress. Her prominent nose drew taunts of big beak from school bullies and early casting directors rejected her for being talented but too ugly.  It was only the teenager’s burning ambition that allowed her to defy these attacks. The glamorous actresses she spent hours watching on film were an imaginative escape from her impoverished Brooklyn upbringing and Streisand was determined to make herself a character too. She refused to have a nose job in case it affected her voice but dropped an “a” from Barbara and began experimenting with her looks, dying her hair, scouring thrift shops for outfits and highlighting her big blue eyes with heavy black eyeliner”. (The Telegraph UK)

Barbra Streisand

I have to say that I’ve always admired her unconventional beauty, strong presence and confidence. And I’m sure she went through some challenging times when trying to make a performing career when not falling into the expected beauty. But she had that urge to define her style. She tried different hair, makeup and fashion looks and didn’t allow herself to play small or stay in her comfort zone.

What can we learn from her? Most of us face some fears and doubts about who we are, how we look and how others perceive us. But you know what? We can’t let those disempowering feelings take over. It’s really important to allow changes to come into our lives, let go of our negative chatter and let that inner beauty shine though.

I know that these ideas sound simple but they’re definitely not easy to apply them. That’s why I’ve created a series of Style Masterclasses to support you while you learn to accept our body, dress with confidence and love your wardrobe.  So, if you feel that urge to define your style, book your Style Masterclasses now. Simply make that decision and let go all the fears and doubts.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this article, so please leave your comment below.

 If you’ve already attended last run of Masterclasses I really hope you enjoyed that journey and got to take some action in your wardrobe.

For more information about these sessions please visit


Vesna xx

Have you ever set any wardrobe or style goals?

Whether you’re reading this email at the beginning of a New Year or season it doesn’t really matter. The message that I would like to convey is that today is the perfect time to start cleaning or refreshing your wardrobe and evolve your personal style.

In order to do that, I highly recommend you to write your wardrobe and style and image goals. Keep them simple and to a maximum if 5 goals to start with. Place that list of goals somewhere handy that you can see them and make a decision now to start acting on them.

Think about the colours and variety or style of patterns, your personality and style, your grooming routine, your body posture, etc.

Here are some examples:

  • Add 2-3 new bright colours into my wardrobe within the next 6 months
  • Review the patterns that I have and make a decision if I’m going to keep them or not
  • Review the style of clothing I have in my wardrobe. Take photos of 3-4 styles I like the most and create an inspirational style board based on those styles.
  • Wear something out of my comfort zone once a week

beautiful young woman near rack with hangers

Now that you’ve written your own “wardrobe & style goals”, they will be in the back of your mind, guiding you with your fashion shopping decisions and daily outfit combinations. By doing this, you will not only feel more in control of your style but you will also feel better about yourself!

I’d love to hear about how you go, so please share your experience with us. Leave your comment below or in Facebook.

In the next email, I’ll share with you some ideas on how to set your style goals.

Talk to you very soon

Till next time

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