Begin your path to a better body image and a healthier life

I’ve recently attended a Christmas & birthday party at Healthy Inspirations Blackwood, a centre which provides weight loss solutions for women. While I was there and after I left the party I felt so moved and inspired by the energy that I felt from all the women who attended the event and from the loving girls who work there. It was clear to me that the support these women receive at this centre is doesn’t have to do only with their weight loss but also with the emotional support they receive and how much fun they have along the way.

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There is no doubt to me that when we make a decision to change something in our life, wether is losing weight, getting fitter, dressing better & taking care of our image or learning new skills the chances of succeeding and getting the results we want highly increase when we:

Accept who we are, accept our weight & body shape rather than complaining about it.

Appreciate and take a positive look at what we have, see our inside beauty and our body assets rather than feeling down or unhappy about our reflection in the mirror.

Free yourself from the opinion of others and avoid comparisons with others.

Get help and support from people who know & understand about our journey and who have been through what we are going through.

And most importantly, when we have fun………..

Begin your path to a better body image by focusing on the positive, not the negative, by changing your diet to experience a healthier life rather than to lose weight and by dressing to highlight your body assets rather than to cover any lumps and bumps. That’s how your confidence will grow and how you will start to feel and look better and better.

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Vesna with Jodi, Director at Healthy Inspirations Blackwood


Let’s replicate the model of Healthy Inspirations Blackwood in our lives, let’s bring energy in what we do and get the support we may need to make those wanted changes possible. Please share your thoughts about this article in the comment section below

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