Body proportions matter. Are you short-waisted?

For many of us, selecting the right clothes for a figure flattering fit may be a discouraging task.  Then, to complicate things, you realise your legs are longer than your upper body and you probably have a high waist that will be higher than your bent elbow, meaning proportionally you have a short torso. Danni Minogue is an example (see image collage).

In order to create the illusion of a perfect figure, you must balance your proportions.  To do this you must select tops, pants, skirts and dresses and incorporate fashion tricks that elongate your torso to give you the perfect proportional balance.


Short Torso Collage with tips


Here is a list of styling tips to balance your short torso: 

  •  Avoid high-waisted jeans and trousers, as they will overwhelm your proportions and set you off balance. You want to select low-rise pants and skirts.
  • A good way to easily elongate a short torso is to wear your shirts untucked and select V-necked or open tops with vertical details.
  •  A wonderful way to look fabulous and make your short torso look longer is to choose dresses that have a drop waist and flow over your natural waistline.
  • When it comes to accessories, choose long necklaces and scarves to create a longer body line.
  • Also, opt for skinny belts; do not select wide belts because they highlight how high your waist is making your torso appear even shorter than it is.
  • Wear jackets and sweater that end at hip-level or below.
  • Bras that keep your bust high and perky will make your torso look longer.

These are just guidelines and you may face contradictions, depending on your body shape and height. You may find that tops and dresses are an issue because they tend to bunch up, or they are baggy around your mid-section and that’s not flattering. So, if you need to solve issues like these ones or you would like to get some personalised tips and guidance please contact me to organise a mini complimentary styling session at Adelaide Central Plaza’s Style Lounge.

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