Fashion Myths that Curvy Women Should Ignore

Who says curvy girls can’t rock stripes or pull off booties? Due to the many myths surrounding fashion for full-figured women, more and more big girls are leaning towards black-on-black ensembles instead of wearing what they like. Let’s crack these common fashion myths that all curvy women should ignore.

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Horizontal Stripes: The myth that curvy women should not wear horizontal stripes has been around for ages. While horizontal stripes are thought to make the torso appear wider, they can still be worn by women of all sizes. Pair your stripes with a blazer and statement-making necklace for a trendy look. However, If you carry most of your weight in your midsection, wear thin stripes because they’re less heavy.

Knits: Due to a larger bust, many curvy women are told to avoid knits and instead are directed towards cardigans, blazers or fitted jackets. Curvy girls can wear knits when done right. Avoid big or heavy knits and opt for a knit that creates a slimming silhouette.

Black is Slimming: It’s another interior design message that made its way into fashion – black is best. Anything in black looks smaller, therefore thinner. So, everyone knows that black can be slimming but that doesn’t mean that big girls have to limit themselves to a dark wardrobe. In fact, any bold, solid color can have a similar effect.

Peplums: Don’t think that those peplums that you see on the catwalk are just for the skinny-model type. Bigger girls can rock these too when they wear a size that fits well and accessorizes with a cute blouse and jewelry. A streamlined pencil skirt with a peplum creates an hourglass shape and would be ideal if you have a big bust area because it draws attention to your hips (however try to avoid it if you have big hips).

Plain vs. Patterns: If you have a large behind, you may have been told to avoid patterned pants and opt for plain instead. If you stick with a colored or smaller pattern, your pants won’t add pounds to your bottom and they’ll give your wardrobe much more versatility.

Hey girls, stop focusing on your flaws and insecurities, start loving your body and dress for your silhouette.  Don’t buy clothing to cover the areas you want to hide. Buy clothing to dress your body shape and personality……….

Fashion myths don’t help anybody.  Rather than concentrating on your extra kilos learn about how to dress for your body shape, body proportion, skin colouring and your personality. Once you understand the basics of how to flatter your body you can bend these guidelines and ignore some of the fashion and styling myths floating around  and still look stylish, sexy and fabulous.

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