Hiding a Muffing Top

Muffin Top


Many women suffer from the unsightly bulge around their middles known as   a muffin top. This role of fat – small or large – may spill over the top of your waistband, making you look lumpy and bumpy in your clothes. While shapewear is one option to help hold in your midsection, these constraining garments can be hot sometimes, uncomfortable and not suitable for daily wear. Fortunately, there are many ways to camouflage your muffin top while still maintaining comfort and style.


High-Rise Bottoms: Consider high-rise jeans, skirts and pants that lie above your stubborn midsection – eliminating your muffin top altogether. Wear your high-rise bottoms with a loose blouse or tucked neatly to a high-rise skirt for a stylish ensemble.

Ruched Tops: Opt for a ruched top that features gorgeous gatherings along the bodice to help hide extra bulge.

Layered Clothing: Try layering garments to help conceal your midsection. This works for all body shapes and sizes. For example, a cardigan or structured jacket over a simple top can help draw the eyes away from your waistline.

Camisole: A great alternative to shapewear is a basic camisole. This loose-fitting undergarment helps to hide your love handles and is much more comfortable.

Prints and Texture: Textured tops and printed blouses are able to better camouflage extra flab around your midsection than solid-colored tops. Fine-textured knits help to slenderize your figure.

Volume: Choose garments that float away at the waistline, such as an empire-style cut or banded top. Consider a dress that flares for more volume, such as a trapeze frock.

Overall, wear your clothing with confidence and good posture to look stunning in whatever you wear. While a muffin top can be a frustrating fashion faux-pas, this problem can be easily fixed with some concealing, yet stylish, clothing choices.

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