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Bring out your best body features

Last week I did my 2nd Facebook Live Video in preparation to the launch of the Book “Dear Confidence: Unleashing your Personal Style & Brand”. I talked about understanding our body shape so we can choose garments  and accessories that bring balance to our body.

This is a very powerful approach to dress your shape because it moves your attention away from “what size you are” to “how to bring out your best body features”. Most of us have been dressing only following external conditionings, such as sizes.  We haven’t learnt to dress following our internal guidance, understanding our body features and proportions and few other personal values. It’s time now to get our power back………

I uploaded this video in youtube so you get the chance to watch it at any time. As per the photo below, in this video I do my own body shape analysis. Watch it and you can do yours and if you haven’t got your “Body Shape Blueprint”, please hit reply and ask me for your copy.


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.28.07 am


Please make sure to get in touch with me if you have any questions about this video

Talk to you soon

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The Barbra Streisand’s confidence factor 

I haven’t always felt confident about my look and appearance. As a teenager I didn’t feel attractive, sexy or beautiful. I struggled liking my nose and I felt I had no curves (not much bum, not much boobs). It took me few years of accepting who I was and finally liking myself. Later on, I realised that the confidence I lacked had to come from within myself. As soon as my thoughts about my appearance shifted I felt more attractive and started to notice my best bits.

 Talking about confidence and self-acceptance I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you an extract from an article from The Telegraph UK about Barbra Streisand.

 “Barbra Streisand has never been a conventional beauty. Ironically, it was Streisand’s striking looks that at first stood in her way of becoming an actress. Her prominent nose drew taunts of big beak from school bullies and early casting directors rejected her for being talented but too ugly.  It was only the teenager’s burning ambition that allowed her to defy these attacks. The glamorous actresses she spent hours watching on film were an imaginative escape from her impoverished Brooklyn upbringing and Streisand was determined to make herself a character too. She refused to have a nose job in case it affected her voice but dropped an “a” from Barbara and began experimenting with her looks, dying her hair, scouring thrift shops for outfits and highlighting her big blue eyes with heavy black eyeliner”. (The Telegraph UK)

Barbra Streisand

I have to say that I’ve always admired her unconventional beauty, strong presence and confidence. And I’m sure she went through some challenging times when trying to make a performing career when not falling into the expected beauty. But she had that urge to define her style. She tried different hair, makeup and fashion looks and didn’t allow herself to play small or stay in her comfort zone.

What can we learn from her? Most of us face some fears and doubts about who we are, how we look and how others perceive us. But you know what? We can’t let those disempowering feelings take over. It’s really important to allow changes to come into our lives, let go of our negative chatter and let that inner beauty shine though.

I know that these ideas sound simple but they’re definitely not easy to apply them. That’s why I’ve created a series of Style Masterclasses to support you while you learn to accept our body, dress with confidence and love your wardrobe.  So, if you feel that urge to define your style, book your Style Masterclasses now. Simply make that decision and let go all the fears and doubts.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this article, so please leave your comment below.

 If you’ve already attended last run of Masterclasses I really hope you enjoyed that journey and got to take some action in your wardrobe.

For more information about these sessions please visit


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Are you carrying some extra kilos?

This SS 2015 season is about rich textures likes lace, broderie or eyelet, sheer, matt and shine. In terms of tailoring it seems more on the relaxed side than on the fitted side. Pastel colours and also bright rich oranges, red and green have been spotted in different clothing stores. And when it comes to prints I’ve seen lots of bold and big florals. So this season is already showcasing some exciting and diverse looks.

Whether you are reading this blog in 2015, or in 2025 it doesn’t really matter. Yes fashion changes from one year to the other, however these styling principles outlined below will never change.

Spring and summer can be very challenging seasons if you have put some extra weight or if you are concerned about some extra lumps and bumps around your torso. So here some tips that you can use when dressing under those challenges that will make you look leaner while feeling fresh.

  1. Bring attention to your face and shoulders

A cold shoulder (or a cut off shoulder) top is a popular trend this season. Team it up with a bold necklace and keep it simple with your bottom. Having your shoulders exposed, still having a sleeve is a very clever way to bring attention to your face and shoulders and moving attention away from your tummy. Make sure the top has a scoop or deep u-neck to create that slimming effect.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.07.14 pm

Top from Katies


  1. The more skin you show the longer and slimmer you will look

A lace detail top or broderie is a fun and fresh way to show and expose your skin while feeling fresh. Wear it with a fitted tank top underneath to give you that necessary coverage. You will still see a lot of skin through arms shoulders and cleavage. For an exciting colour blocking look chose a high contrast coloured tank top.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.30.19 pm
           Top from Cue

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.10.34 pm

Top from Katies

  1. Opt for happy, bright or lights colours fabrics that don’t cling

The natural tendency of women when they feel uncomfortable with their bodies and weight is to wear black or dark colours. Light colours could be very slimming. Actually it’s not about the colour, it’s about choosing fabrics, which don’t cling like viscose or rayon. Black looks so heavy during warm and hot days. Please remember that lighter colours convey light and fresh energy and that’s what you want.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.04.31 pm

 Outfits from Katies

  1. Choose natural fibres

Fabrics like cotton, linen, crayon or viscose are natural fibres which means that they breathe nicely and you don’t tend to sweat as much as with synthetic fabrics. I really like the clothing from wYse. It’s an Australian fashion label which designs comfortable garments using natural fibres plus they are proudly made in Australia. Here is the website


  1. Go a bit flowy with your top and more fitted with your bottoms

If the idea of wearing a tight top won’t be something that you may consider now, go for something a bit flowy without losing your shape (still fitted). Kimonos and oversized tops can make look even bigger and frumpier. Since you are opting for something a bit roomier with your top try to wear something fitted with your bottom such as a pencil skirt.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.32.07 am

 Outfit from Jacquie

  1. Wear vertical or diagonal panels

Vertical or diagonal panels in your tops and dresses can be so forgiving. It’s all an optical trick. If the panels are positioned vertical alongside your dress our eyes tend to focus on the centre section, which now looks longer and slimmer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.25.23 pmOutfit from wYse    

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.20.43 pm Outfit from wYse

  1. Layering

Layering during summer could get very tricky because of the heat. The more layers you wear the hotter you will feel. But what about wearing a light-weight cotton t-shirt or tank top and then you add a second layer like a sleeveless vest. This second layer will add an interesting dimension to your look while bringing shape to your silhouette.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.49.13 pm

Outfit from Sussan

Remember that dressing is an attitude. Even if you don’t feel great on your body right now you won’t do anything positive if you cover yourself with oversized dark coloured garment. Dress today to highlight your best bits, i.e. face, shoulders, legs, arms, etc and bring attention to those parts you feel more proud off showing them. Try some of the tips above and you will start to feel the difference in your confidence and mood.

The simple formula to look your best!

When I get the opportunity to work with women de-cluttering their wardrobes and helping them to choose some new outfits I always remind them that these sessions are part of a journey.

When you are looking for a long term change such as losing weight or leaning something new, such as a new skill or language, you don’t get results from one the day to the other; it takes time, practice and dedication. The same happens when you want to dress better, look more stylish or you want to revamp your wardrobe. It’s like embarking on a style journey where you start practicing small changes in your every day dressing and in your wardrobe which, over time, will make an impact on your overall image and confidence.

This journey starts by setting your styling pillars which represent the foundation to a happier, more confident and beautiful you!

There are 4 styling pillars or components into my styling formula to define or evolve your style and look fabulous,  feel confident and ultimately shine!

  •  Pillar 1: It’s about identifying your body shape and learning how to dress it. So then, dressing  becomes less time consuming, fun and simple while in that process you can start accepting and understanding your body.

vs models.jpg

  •  Pillar 2: It’s about discovering which colours compliment your skin and make look great and vibrant. This can give you a new sense of freedom and self-expression and it can also add so much live and versatility into your wardrobe.

Vesna & Colours

  •  Pillar 3: It’s about learning your clothing personality. The things that we appreciate in a piece of clothing such as comfort, flexibility, details, textures determine the style of clothing that resonates the most with us. We are normally a combination of two personalities i.e. Classic/elegant combined with feminine/ romantic but normally one personality stands out. By identifying your clothing personality you can start saving money, time and energy because you will get more clear on what styles of clothes really work for you and your lifestyle.

Photo Makeover with Shanon

  •  Pillar 4: This last pillar is about having an organised wardrobe and shopping strategically to compliment what you have in there. Once you declutter your wardrobe you can learn to be creative about remixing what you already own and get more mileage from every piece you have there. Also, by knowing exactly what you own you can keep building your wardrobe by adding  items you need and serve your shape and  lifestyle.

Photo for Becoming a Wiser Shopper

So, basically this is a journey of having fun with your wardrobe, getting out of your style rut, bringing out the best version of you, feeling fabulous from the inside out, feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, shopping with purpose and saving money and maximising your time when dressing every morning. Who wouldn’t want to embark on this journey?

Please leave your comments below or contact me  on 0434 225 476 if you needed any help setting your styling pillars.

Do you know your body shape?

Knowing your body shape provides you with a good dressing arsenal to start feeling more confident on your own skin. As you will see below in the information I’ve put together I haven’t labelled each shape. I personally think that by sticking a name to your shape you could be mislead by all tools information in the media. So, have a look to each description and see which one gets closer to your body. And when dressing or looking for a particular outfit don’t forget to accentuate your best bits rather than concentrating on camouflaging the areas of your body you don’t like.

1st Shape: You have little waistline, a tummy and generous bust

Apple Shape

No                                                                                Yes

Your aim is to accentuate your waist and minimise your tummy. So, wear a supportive bra that gives you lots of lift, look for soft, fluid fabrics and then add a single tailored piece like a jacket, for structure. Opt for empire cut dresses (cut below your bustling) in solid colours gently fitted to give you shape while skimming over your curves. Don’t forget to show off your legs.


2nd Shape: You have a very defined waistline, and generous hips that balance your upper body well.

Hourglass Shape             No                                                                                Yes

So make the most of your waistline. Good underpinnings, tailored pieces and belted clothing are great to highlight your waistline. Opt for deeper necklines to flatter your bust line.


3rd Shape: You have fine shoulders, a smaller bust and waist, and generous thighs and hips.

Pear Shape

No                                                                                Yes

So you want to increase your upper body while minimising your lower. You can achieve that by wearing bright colours, prints, embellishment and jewellery on your upper body or anything  that will attract attention to your upper body. Keep your lower half as streamlined and plain as possible.


4th Shade: Your shoulders and bust line are the widest point of your body. Your hips are narrow and legs slim.

Inverted triangle shape

No                                                                                Yes

So you want to add a bit of volume to your hipline so it balances your broader upper body. Keep your upper body as simple as possible. Wear pants and skirts in colours, prints and patterns that feature some kind of details such as pockets, gathering, pleats, zips, etc. They will enhance your hips and bottom area, so your upper body will look better balanced.


5th Shape: You are straight up and down through the upper body and a small to moderate-sized bust line.

Rectangle shape

No                                                                                Yes

So you want to define and add interest to your waistline with belts, embellishment, swathed fabric, clothes with panels and layering looks.

If you feel confused about your shape, please give me a call or visit me at the Style Lounge, Adelaide Central Plaza for a complimentary “Body Shape Analysis” session.

Thank you
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Body proportions matter. Are you short-waisted?

For many of us, selecting the right clothes for a figure flattering fit may be a discouraging task.  Then, to complicate things, you realise your legs are longer than your upper body and you probably have a high waist that will be higher than your bent elbow, meaning proportionally you have a short torso. Danni Minogue is an example (see image collage).

In order to create the illusion of a perfect figure, you must balance your proportions.  To do this you must select tops, pants, skirts and dresses and incorporate fashion tricks that elongate your torso to give you the perfect proportional balance.


Short Torso Collage with tips


Here is a list of styling tips to balance your short torso: 

  •  Avoid high-waisted jeans and trousers, as they will overwhelm your proportions and set you off balance. You want to select low-rise pants and skirts.
  • A good way to easily elongate a short torso is to wear your shirts untucked and select V-necked or open tops with vertical details.
  •  A wonderful way to look fabulous and make your short torso look longer is to choose dresses that have a drop waist and flow over your natural waistline.
  • When it comes to accessories, choose long necklaces and scarves to create a longer body line.
  • Also, opt for skinny belts; do not select wide belts because they highlight how high your waist is making your torso appear even shorter than it is.
  • Wear jackets and sweater that end at hip-level or below.
  • Bras that keep your bust high and perky will make your torso look longer.

These are just guidelines and you may face contradictions, depending on your body shape and height. You may find that tops and dresses are an issue because they tend to bunch up, or they are baggy around your mid-section and that’s not flattering. So, if you need to solve issues like these ones or you would like to get some personalised tips and guidance please contact me to organise a mini complimentary styling session at Adelaide Central Plaza’s Style Lounge.

Begin your path to a better body image and a healthier life

I’ve recently attended a Christmas & birthday party at Healthy Inspirations Blackwood, a centre which provides weight loss solutions for women. While I was there and after I left the party I felt so moved and inspired by the energy that I felt from all the women who attended the event and from the loving girls who work there. It was clear to me that the support these women receive at this centre is doesn’t have to do only with their weight loss but also with the emotional support they receive and how much fun they have along the way.

photo 1

There is no doubt to me that when we make a decision to change something in our life, wether is losing weight, getting fitter, dressing better & taking care of our image or learning new skills the chances of succeeding and getting the results we want highly increase when we:

Accept who we are, accept our weight & body shape rather than complaining about it.

Appreciate and take a positive look at what we have, see our inside beauty and our body assets rather than feeling down or unhappy about our reflection in the mirror.

Free yourself from the opinion of others and avoid comparisons with others.

Get help and support from people who know & understand about our journey and who have been through what we are going through.

And most importantly, when we have fun………..

Begin your path to a better body image by focusing on the positive, not the negative, by changing your diet to experience a healthier life rather than to lose weight and by dressing to highlight your body assets rather than to cover any lumps and bumps. That’s how your confidence will grow and how you will start to feel and look better and better.

photo 4
Vesna with Jodi, Director at Healthy Inspirations Blackwood


Let’s replicate the model of Healthy Inspirations Blackwood in our lives, let’s bring energy in what we do and get the support we may need to make those wanted changes possible. Please share your thoughts about this article in the comment section below

Fashion Myths that Curvy Women Should Ignore

Who says curvy girls can’t rock stripes or pull off booties? Due to the many myths surrounding fashion for full-figured women, more and more big girls are leaning towards black-on-black ensembles instead of wearing what they like. Let’s crack these common fashion myths that all curvy women should ignore.

Curvy women with wording 1

Horizontal Stripes: The myth that curvy women should not wear horizontal stripes has been around for ages. While horizontal stripes are thought to make the torso appear wider, they can still be worn by women of all sizes. Pair your stripes with a blazer and statement-making necklace for a trendy look. However, If you carry most of your weight in your midsection, wear thin stripes because they’re less heavy.

Knits: Due to a larger bust, many curvy women are told to avoid knits and instead are directed towards cardigans, blazers or fitted jackets. Curvy girls can wear knits when done right. Avoid big or heavy knits and opt for a knit that creates a slimming silhouette.

Black is Slimming: It’s another interior design message that made its way into fashion – black is best. Anything in black looks smaller, therefore thinner. So, everyone knows that black can be slimming but that doesn’t mean that big girls have to limit themselves to a dark wardrobe. In fact, any bold, solid color can have a similar effect.

Peplums: Don’t think that those peplums that you see on the catwalk are just for the skinny-model type. Bigger girls can rock these too when they wear a size that fits well and accessorizes with a cute blouse and jewelry. A streamlined pencil skirt with a peplum creates an hourglass shape and would be ideal if you have a big bust area because it draws attention to your hips (however try to avoid it if you have big hips).

Plain vs. Patterns: If you have a large behind, you may have been told to avoid patterned pants and opt for plain instead. If you stick with a colored or smaller pattern, your pants won’t add pounds to your bottom and they’ll give your wardrobe much more versatility.

Hey girls, stop focusing on your flaws and insecurities, start loving your body and dress for your silhouette.  Don’t buy clothing to cover the areas you want to hide. Buy clothing to dress your body shape and personality……….

Fashion myths don’t help anybody.  Rather than concentrating on your extra kilos learn about how to dress for your body shape, body proportion, skin colouring and your personality. Once you understand the basics of how to flatter your body you can bend these guidelines and ignore some of the fashion and styling myths floating around  and still look stylish, sexy and fabulous.

Essential Style Tips for Women Over 50

Linda FergusAs you get older, your sense of style changes and with it, your body. The outfits you wore nearly 20 years ago don’t fit the same – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look stylish. You can still look fab over fifty with a few essential fashion tips.

Look to Style Icons. Women like Carolina Herrera, Barbara Walters, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon are great inspirations for mature fashion.

Keep grooming simple. Don’t think you have to cut your hair: a chic ponytail always looks smart and youthful. Too much color — red nails, red lips, eye shadow and blush (especially when used together) — are terribly aging.

Choose Classic Shapes. Pea jackets, shirt-dresses and trench coats never go out of style. Bring back a hint of your youth with some classic garments.

Invest in Turtlenecks. Black fitted turtlenecks flatter all women and are suitable for both day and night looks.

Experiment with Accessories. Add splashes of color and metal to your wardrobe by incorporating fun accessories, including handbags and scarves.

Skip the Frump. Choose fitted, not tight or frumpy garments. Wearing shapeless clothing can make you appear larger than you really are.

Minimize the Details. Gold buttons and trim can be aging. Instead, keep your garments simple with a tailored look without the glitz.

Show Off Your Legs. If you like to wear skirts, and you have good legs, wear them. (but not too short — they should fall around the knee).

Don’t Overthink It. It’s important to have a style that is all your own. Don’t go for trendy – be yourself and have your attire reflect your youthful personality.

My style icon over 50 is: Linda Fargo

Photo Source: pinterest


Hiding a Muffing Top

Muffin Top


Many women suffer from the unsightly bulge around their middles known as   a muffin top. This role of fat – small or large – may spill over the top of your waistband, making you look lumpy and bumpy in your clothes. While shapewear is one option to help hold in your midsection, these constraining garments can be hot sometimes, uncomfortable and not suitable for daily wear. Fortunately, there are many ways to camouflage your muffin top while still maintaining comfort and style.


High-Rise Bottoms: Consider high-rise jeans, skirts and pants that lie above your stubborn midsection – eliminating your muffin top altogether. Wear your high-rise bottoms with a loose blouse or tucked neatly to a high-rise skirt for a stylish ensemble.

Ruched Tops: Opt for a ruched top that features gorgeous gatherings along the bodice to help hide extra bulge.

Layered Clothing: Try layering garments to help conceal your midsection. This works for all body shapes and sizes. For example, a cardigan or structured jacket over a simple top can help draw the eyes away from your waistline.

Camisole: A great alternative to shapewear is a basic camisole. This loose-fitting undergarment helps to hide your love handles and is much more comfortable.

Prints and Texture: Textured tops and printed blouses are able to better camouflage extra flab around your midsection than solid-colored tops. Fine-textured knits help to slenderize your figure.

Volume: Choose garments that float away at the waistline, such as an empire-style cut or banded top. Consider a dress that flares for more volume, such as a trapeze frock.

Overall, wear your clothing with confidence and good posture to look stunning in whatever you wear. While a muffin top can be a frustrating fashion faux-pas, this problem can be easily fixed with some concealing, yet stylish, clothing choices.

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