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Why & How to Create Your Own Inspirational Style Board

In today’s video I share why and how to create your own inspirational style board.

Personal style is about identifying what resonates with You when it comes to:

  • Type of fabrics
  • Type of textures
  • Type of prints
  • Garment details
  • Types of accessories
  • Colours
  • Clothing Personality
  • And also learning how to bring balance to Your body shape

Once you know your personal style, you have the skills for life!

These series of videos are part of my weekly Facebook live mini-classes. If you have any specific question please email me and I could prepare a tailored video just for you (I can keep it anonymous if you’d prefer so).

Vesna xxx


Your Clothing Personality Unlocked

Our personality is often a strong indicator of what type of style suits us best.

We normally are a combination of 2 or 3 personalities when dressing or choosing an outfit. It’s ok if you feel that you don’t have a particular style; this is very common. It’s definitely within you, however because of different circumstances in life such as motherhood, weight fluctuations, career change and lifestyle you may have lost that sense of style and confidence on choosing things that represent who you are. Or perhaps you’ve never paid much attention to your beauty, image and appearance and how clothing and accessories communicate a message.

When you get clarity about who you really are from the inside out, identify the fabrics, details, textures and colours that make you feel great, know your body shape and how to dress it; then putting an outfit together and shopping gets easier and easier.

So, you can click the image below to watch this week video and get ready to unlock Your Clothing Personality.


How are you showing up everyday?

Woody Allen once said that 80% of success is about simply showing up. I agree, but it’s also “showing up well”. In practical terms, to look, sound and communicate your best, it takes time, commitment and dedication. Yes. I get it! This sounds like a lot of work. You’re right.

Showing up well, particularly when it comes to your personal style, it requires getting to know who you are and dressing to bring the best version of yourself. So, to “show up well” you need to love yourself, accept who you are and give permission and time to look after you. i.e. a simple grooming routine to start the day, refreshing your wardrobe regularly, exploring new colours, dressing to highlight your best bitts, and to flatter your body, etc.

Showing up well is not different than learning a new skill or a new language. But once you become better and better at “Showing up well”, the strength of your presence and of your confidence will allow you to shine and start the day with a much more empowering attitude.

Aweber Photo Showing up

Photo source: aWeber

Have you ever set any wardrobe or style goals?

Whether you’re reading this email at the beginning of a New Year or season it doesn’t really matter. The message that I would like to convey is that today is the perfect time to start cleaning or refreshing your wardrobe and evolve your personal style.

In order to do that, I highly recommend you to write your wardrobe and style and image goals. Keep them simple and to a maximum if 5 goals to start with. Place that list of goals somewhere handy that you can see them and make a decision now to start acting on them.

Think about the colours and variety or style of patterns, your personality and style, your grooming routine, your body posture, etc.

Here are some examples:

  • Add 2-3 new bright colours into my wardrobe within the next 6 months
  • Review the patterns that I have and make a decision if I’m going to keep them or not
  • Review the style of clothing I have in my wardrobe. Take photos of 3-4 styles I like the most and create an inspirational style board based on those styles.
  • Wear something out of my comfort zone once a week

beautiful young woman near rack with hangers

Now that you’ve written your own “wardrobe & style goals”, they will be in the back of your mind, guiding you with your fashion shopping decisions and daily outfit combinations. By doing this, you will not only feel more in control of your style but you will also feel better about yourself!

I’d love to hear about how you go, so please share your experience with us. Leave your comment below or in Facebook.

In the next email, I’ll share with you some ideas on how to set your style goals.

Talk to you very soon

Till next time

Vesna xx



Your 2016 Masterclass Style Journey

This is a series of 5 workshops which will embark you on a life changing, uplifting and exciting style journey. They represent your trip to a happier, more beautiful and confident you!


What’s this all about?

Shopping with purpose

Having fun with your wardrobe

Getting out of your style rut

Bringing out the best version of you

Updating your wardrobe with enjoyment and planning on a regular basis

Feeling fabulous from the inside out and feel confident and comfortable in your own skin

Saving money and time when dressing every morning while feeling attractive and beautiful


Masterclass 1

Dress my Body Shape Please!

When you learn how to bring balance to your body shape, dressing can become less time consuming, fun and more simple. This will allow you to start loving accepting your body

Date: Fri 11th Mar  Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 12th Mar   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Date: Fri 5th Aug   Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or   Date: Sat 6th Aug     Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm


vs models.jpg


Masterclass 2

Find my Colours Please!

You can discover new freedom and self-expression by knowing which colours compliment your skin and make you look younger and more vibrant

Date: Fri 8th Apr   Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 9th Apr   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Date: Fri 2nd Sep  Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 3rd Sep   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm





Masterclass 3

Who am I when I’m dressing?

Save money, time and energy when you learn what styles of clothes work for your personality and lifestyle. This is about learning your clothing personality

Date: Fri 6th May   Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 7th May   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Date: Fri 7th Oct   Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm    or  Date: Sat 8th Oct    Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm


 Photo Makeover with Shanon


Masterclass 4

Mixing & Matching, Take me there Please!

You can learn to be creative about remixing and accessorising what you already own and most importantly have fun while doing this

Date: Fri 3rd Jun   Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 4th Jun   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Date: Fri 4th Nov   Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 5th Nov   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm


Outfit Combination - Copy


Masterclass 5 (Including Celebration & Graduation Party)

I Can Become a Wiser Shopper

You can build a wardrobe that works for you by learning to buy items you need, love and serve you and your lifestyle

Date: Fri 1st Jul   Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 2nd Jul   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Date: Fri 2nd Dec  Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm  or  Date: Sat 3rd Dec   Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm


Photo for Becoming a Wiser Shopper

Your Investment

Book 5 Masterclasses – $69 each (Save $50)

Book 1 Masterclass – $79 each

(Booking fee includes food, drinks & goodie bag)


Sass Place Westfield West Lakes

Shop 107, 111 West Lakes Boulevard

(enter near Reading Cinemas)  

I would love to have you!

The simple formula to look your best!

When I get the opportunity to work with women de-cluttering their wardrobes and helping them to choose some new outfits I always remind them that these sessions are part of a journey.

When you are looking for a long term change such as losing weight or leaning something new, such as a new skill or language, you don’t get results from one the day to the other; it takes time, practice and dedication. The same happens when you want to dress better, look more stylish or you want to revamp your wardrobe. It’s like embarking on a style journey where you start practicing small changes in your every day dressing and in your wardrobe which, over time, will make an impact on your overall image and confidence.

This journey starts by setting your styling pillars which represent the foundation to a happier, more confident and beautiful you!

There are 4 styling pillars or components into my styling formula to define or evolve your style and look fabulous,  feel confident and ultimately shine!

  •  Pillar 1: It’s about identifying your body shape and learning how to dress it. So then, dressing  becomes less time consuming, fun and simple while in that process you can start accepting and understanding your body.

vs models.jpg

  •  Pillar 2: It’s about discovering which colours compliment your skin and make look great and vibrant. This can give you a new sense of freedom and self-expression and it can also add so much live and versatility into your wardrobe.

Vesna & Colours

  •  Pillar 3: It’s about learning your clothing personality. The things that we appreciate in a piece of clothing such as comfort, flexibility, details, textures determine the style of clothing that resonates the most with us. We are normally a combination of two personalities i.e. Classic/elegant combined with feminine/ romantic but normally one personality stands out. By identifying your clothing personality you can start saving money, time and energy because you will get more clear on what styles of clothes really work for you and your lifestyle.

Photo Makeover with Shanon

  •  Pillar 4: This last pillar is about having an organised wardrobe and shopping strategically to compliment what you have in there. Once you declutter your wardrobe you can learn to be creative about remixing what you already own and get more mileage from every piece you have there. Also, by knowing exactly what you own you can keep building your wardrobe by adding  items you need and serve your shape and  lifestyle.

Photo for Becoming a Wiser Shopper

So, basically this is a journey of having fun with your wardrobe, getting out of your style rut, bringing out the best version of you, feeling fabulous from the inside out, feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, shopping with purpose and saving money and maximising your time when dressing every morning. Who wouldn’t want to embark on this journey?

Please leave your comments below or contact me  on 0434 225 476 if you needed any help setting your styling pillars.

Embrace new things into your life: colours

For those of you who have known me for some time now, you may have noticed that I love a touch of colours in my outfits and that’s something I appreciate in someone else’s outfit. So I’m going take this topic toa deeper level. So I’d love you to follow me on this. I believe that if nature has given us some many choices of food, fruits, places to visit, music to listen and colours to use or wear why embrace them. Even though you may not like all of the choices up there, without trying or without exploring new possibilities you will never know how good they can or the positive impact they can have in your life.

Vesna & Colours

And this is exactly how I felt after my dear friend and coworker Aleksandra Pinneri created with a new makeup look and added lots of accessories. Yes, I felt totally out of my comfort zone and yes I’m looking very colourful here. So we took this colour combination to an extreme. We combined different shades and hues all around my face. This is not a look that I currently would feel comfortable with, however the exercise was about getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new colours on my skin and eyes.

The result was incredible…..I couldn’t believe how bright and hazelnut my eyes looked with the blue eye shadow. Normally my eyes look quite dark and less vibrant. The other thing that I noticed by wearing these accessories and having this bight make up look was how uncomfortable I felt initially but then how I started to embrace this look and how much fun and freedom I experienced at the end of the photo-shoot.

Vesna & Colours 2.jpeg

So my intention with this blog is about encouraging you to LET GO of all of the internal limitations and judgement about wearing something different, bright or the idea of standing out. We were born to shine in this world, so try something new today, embrace it and have fun. And please let me know how you did you go. Thank you!!

Till next time,

Vesna xx

P.S. Special thank you to Aleksandra from Unveil the Beauty for your make up and support, thank you  Make up by TJ for the photos and Serafina Boutique for the jewellery. You made this possible!! xx

Clothing personality

Feminine and classic

Photo Source: Polyvore

Can you relate to this style, classic and feminine? These pants and the blazer are tailored and timeless items which give you a classic look while the blouse, which is made from a very soft and flowy fabric and the floral handbag denote a feminine appeal.

We normally are a combination of 2 or 3 personalities when dressing or choosing an outfit. It’s ok if you feel that you don’t have a defined style; this is very common. It’s definitely within you, however because of different circumstances in life such as motherhood, weight fluctuations, career change, etc you have may lost that sense of style and confidence on choosing things that represent who you are. Or perhaps you’ve never paid much attention to your your beauty, image and appearance and how clothing and accessories give us a message.

When you get clarity about who you really are from the inside out, identify the fabrics, details, textures and colours that make you feel great, know your body shape and how to dress; then putting an outfit together and shopping gets easier and easier.

Are you feeling lost with your style? Would you like to find out your clothing personality? Let’s chat. Leave your comments below or reply to this email. I’d love to hear from you.


Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside

I’ve been reading about how clothes, accessories and even make up can boost your mood and increase your confidence. This is really what my job is all about. It’s about giving women and giving you the tools, strategies and information to become a wiser shopper, make your wardrobe work for you, get more confident when it comes to mixing and matching and accessorising and ultimately dress with confidence and feel great about yourself.

There are a lot of studies which have found that when women feel good about their appearance, their confidence levels increase. Also, in a recent online survey by, more than 75 per cent of women said when they look good on the outside; they feel good on the inside. Think about those times when you decided to wear a new lipstick, a bright statement necklace or a trendy gorgeous dress you which made you feel excited and energised. Then you received a compliment from a friend or work colleague which brought positive energy into your life.

Clothes and your mood

Photo Source:

I’ve recently read some interesting information from a lead researcher from the University of Queensland, Dr Alastair Tombs,…….”We demand many things from clothing. Quite a few people talked about using clothes to change their mood. If they get up and aren’t feeling great, they would put on something that would brighten them up. On other occasions they use clothes to mask their emotions. It didn’t brighten their mood, but it would give them the appearance of being bright and airy, even if that is not how they actually feel.”

That’s why I recommend to you that on those days that you wake up and don’t feel good or energetic try to dress as if you are feeling great. At the end of the day, dressing is an attitude and wearing an outfit that brightens you up is going to help you the face the day with a much more positive approach.

And even though I’m a strong believer that our beauty and confidence come from the inside out, by changing something from the outside in, you can get the inspiration to work from the inside.

Did you enjoy this article, if so please share your comment below.

Thank you


Are you afraid to change your personal image & looks?

A lot of women like the idea of working with a personal stylist and find a style that makes them shine. However, over the last years I’ve realised that a lot of women are afraid of change and are not allowing to say “YES” to themselves. In other words, is like saying: I don’t deserve to feel and look confident or it’s ok to cope with my style rut….

They may desperately want to change but the first step such as, learning about their body shape, understanding what looks flattering for their figure and organising their wardrobe, feels so overwhelming that they don’t make any decision.
That first step is usually the hardest because it’s about getting into unknown territory, it’s about having some else looking at their wardrobe, which is something quite private and perhaps having to face their body issues and insecurities and share them with a stranger. The reality is that once you go through some styling foundations, and as you evolve and learn this style journey gets easier.

The other day I talked to a person who felt afraid about joining a local fitness centre; she said: “Back when I first signed up I was intimidated to sign up as if everyone would see this newbie. I remember being intimidated to go to the weight area until one day before a workout I told myself I would do it and it wasn’t so bad and I repeated the process and don’t feel that way anymore”. Overtime things get better the more used you become to it. This is the same kind of concept that I’m talking about but applied to a different scenario.

Styling Linda James

Styling Linda after doing a shopping trip with her and buying clothes that would flatter her new body shape. Linda was one of the Healthy Inspirations Slimmer of the Year  2014 winners

What is the positive outcome of changing your looks and defining your style?

Generally speaking, change is a great thing. Without change, we’d never grow!
By de-cluterring your wardrobe you will declutter your mind allowing space for new things into your life.
Changing your look can motivate you to lose weight, start a new relationship or simply to start looking after yourself.

It’s ok and normal to go through some dis-empowering feelings when you internally feel that you’d like a makeover or get an inspiring wardrobe. Sometimes, you just have to make a decision without overanalysing it, trust the process or the journey you’re about to embark and embrace who you are. The rest will be taken care.

If you have already done a styling session with me I’d really appreciate it if you could please share your experience with other women. Leave a comment below or at my facebook page.

Thank you

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