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Wardrobe matters: I have nothing to wear

When you have a wardrobe full of rejected clothes (too long, too short, too old, too frumpy, too tight…), your self-esteem immediately drops and you feel bored and hopeless with what you have. That’s a fact….

Before & After Wardrobe Illustration

 So, treat your wardrobe as prime real estate…..WHY?

  • The less you pack in there the more you will wear. Items buried at the bottom of a drawer or garments you can’t see will never be worn again.
  • A tidy, accessible space for the clothes that fit you and that you enjoy wearing will help you evolve your style and feel more confident.
  • You will be saving money and becoming more mindful about your spending habits in general.
  • You will have more time for the things that matter most; you will be inviting more peace into your life.
  • You will feel more creative and adventurous in having less.
  • You will make accessories your best friend. Take an old outfit or a basic outfit, add a generous helping of this seasons trend of jewellery, scarves, belts, hats, bags…. and there you have it, a new outfit.

It’s so refreshing to open your wardrobe and find a clutter-free zone, filled with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Because I truly DO NOT believe that more choice means better options and greater satisfaction. It actually creates anxiety and limits creativity.

How is your wardrobe looking right now? Would you agree with the strategy of having less?  Please leave your comment below.

Are you ready to experience a Complete Style Makeover?

You have the potential to be the best you can regardless of your age, shape, size, or budget. It is a journey of self-discovery, embracing who you really are and having the knowledge of what works for you.

How do you gain the style knowledge you need? You can start by using the information here on my website or experience a style makeover like Sandra did some time ago. A complete makeover is a fun way to learn how to look great while feeling pampered and cared. In the photo below, Sandra’s new style & look was achieved with cool colours, which make her eyes pop and her skin glow and by wearing fitted styles of clothes. A natural make-up application and a red lipstick really suit her and make her shine.

The aim is to understand who you are now, today. Then learn how to express who you are, and how you want to be seen, using your clothing and appearance. Also taking into consideration what’s appropriate for the occasion and the people you’ll be with.

CSA_4306_SANDRA_BEFOREAFTER with website

Here are some of the main steps to challenge your image and appearance today:

  • Hair style; this includes the colour and hair cut that suits your face shape.
  • Makeup that enhances your features and even your skin tone is really good practice. If you don’t know how to apply makeup, or you haven’t changed your makeup in a while, I recommend you take a makeup one-on-one workshop with Aleksandra from Unveil the Beauty at Adelaide Central Plaza’s Style Lounge.
  • What colours suit you best; colours have such a big effect on our image that it is worth investing time and understanding more about it. The wrong colours can make you look older, heavier and tired. On the other hand, the right colours for you will make you look healthier, younger, slimmer and brighter.
  • Dress to flatter your body shape; this is about learning how to wear patterns, what type of fabric, lengths, necklines and cuts  create the most flattering looks and the illusion of perfect proportions not matter your size.
  • Understand your personality; once you’ve understood the basics of styling mentioned above, you may start to notice that, sometimes, even when a particular outfit suits you, fits well and the colour is right you still don’t feel great. In many cases it’s because we are not reflecting our personality in our style choices and in the way we put together our outfits.
  • De-clutter your wardrobe, organise it and shop to fill the gaps; the place to reinvent your style is in your wardrobe. Identify the outfits you love and try to work out why. How do those outfits make you feel? The aim is to only have garments that flatter your body shape and make you look fabulous and then shop for those pieces you are lacking.

When you start defining your personal style you will project your inner self with confidence and look fantastic every day. Are you ready to start your style journey?

Corrine’s Style Makeover




CORINNE_FACE with websites


Together with Aleksandra from Unveil the Beauty , Anne from Chesser Studios, we’ve reinvented Corrine’s style. Corrine visited us at the Style Lounge in Adelaide Central Plaza to get an easy new look that she could replicate everyday knowing that she will look good. She has a very active lifestyle so choosing pieces that she would be able to dress up or down easily is something that she would appreciate. So we chose a semi casual dress, a casual white denim jacket and dress it up with nude heels, an animal print clutch and white chunky jewellery. To dress down this outfit, I’d team up the dress with flat shoes, a cardigan and a floral scarf. Corrine has amazing legs which we wanted to show them off and beautiful facial features which get highlighted with a new make-up look and the white statement necklace which brings attention to her face.

Casual version wrapp dress

Special thanks to Esprit Rundle Place for the clothing, Serafina Boutique and Jo Mercer shoes Adelaide Central Plaza

How would you feel about going through a complete style transformation, getting some new ideas on how to dress your body shape and new tips on how to do your everyday makeup?

Are you falling into these fashion myths?

Couple of months ago I wrote an article about why curvy girls are leaning towards black on black outfits to hide their figures instead of wearing what they like. Over the years they have been many myths related to fashion for full-figured women. These myths have become like a styling benchmark to which many women stick to it. Therefore, it is so common to hear discouraging comments like “my wardrobe is full of black and dark colours”, “I feel so bored about my current style”, “No, I can’t wear prints”, you name them.

Once you decide that something doesn’t work for your body shape and weight i.e. “white pants make my tights look so much bigger”, somehow those kind of messages stick to your mind forever and make you stay in your comfort zone (always wearing the same things). And that’s when you may feel like you are trapped in style rut.

It not only takes determination and desire to break this rut but also takes learning how to style your body shape rather than following fashion trends and getting influenced by the media.

Here are some styling myths that curvy women should avoid:

Myth – Don’t wear horizontal stripes: If you are full-figured women and you like a garment with horizontal lines look for cuts and styles that create the illusion of a leaner silhouette .i.e. draped cardigan with vertical thin lapel or a top with combination of layers of stripes (lighter & darker shades of grey). Different layers of fabrics within a garment provide a slimming effect.

fashion curvy women 4 - TS14 jpg Striped topTS14 Stripped Top

Myth -Don’t wear knits: Many curvy girls are told to avoid knits because they can make you look bigger, However if you are opting for a light weight knit, with v-neckline and an asymmetrical bias-cut hemline or vertical panels they can offer a fantastic leaning impact on your figure.

fashion curvy women 9 - Love Your Wardrobe Bias Knit Tunic

Love your Wardrobe Bias Knit Tunic

Myth -Avoid the Peplum cut: Peplums tops and dresses have been seen on the catwalk for quite a few seasons now.. They look great on slim girls as well as on curvy girls. They can do wonders when it comes to camouflaging a tummy or any unwanted bumps around the waistline without hiding your feminine curves.

fashion curvy women 8

Asos Curve Top

Myth – Wear black to look slimmer: Who said that curvy girls have to wear dark colours? “Anything in black looks smaller” it’s probably an interior design concept that made its way into fashion. Solid, bold hues are equally slimming. I often get women saying things like “I wouldn’t wear white pants because I can see my cellulitis through them”. It’s not the colour that may give you that sensation it’s the structure and thickness of the fabric.

LBD pink and black


Igigi Stylish Plus Dresses

Myth – Patterns make you look bigger: There is a myth than patterns give you the illusion of enlargement and draw attention. However if the scale of the pattern is small and you accessorise your outfit to finish your look, patters such floral, stripes, abstracts, geometrics are a very clever way to hide any lumps and bumps and most importantly to add fun to your wardrobe.

fashion curvy women 4 - City Chic

City Chic Patterned dress

For all of those sexy curvy women out there I highly encourage you to break those myths and have fun with clothing and remember to accessorise your outfit to complete your look. It would be great to hear about you. Please leave a comment below and let us now if you know about other styling or fashion myths.

Reveal Your Personal Style

Personal style is not what’s hot on the cover of your magazines or what everyone else is wearing. In the words of Gore Vidal, “style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” Your personal style may also change over time. You probably don’t wear the same style you did 10 or even 5 years ago. To reveal your personal style, create a real or digital inspirational board. If you opt for a real board, grab some markers, scissors and magazines. For a digital board, Pinterest is the place to find tons of fashion inspiration.

Vesna personal style

Likes and Dislikes: Grab a piece of paper and write down all your style likes and dislikes. For example: Likes – beading, metallic, floral, colorblocking, etc. Dislikes – frills, leather, anything orange.

Graphics: Flip through your magazines or search online to find clothing that you like. Cut out the magazine pictures or save the digital pictures to use on your style inspiration board.

Style Personality: Your clothing can reflect how others perceive you. Write a list of words that relate to you and that you want others to relate to you. For example: stylish, creative, polished, bold, feminine, professional, successful, warm, elegant, etc.

Garments: Head to your closet to find inspiration from your own wardrobe. Write down all the reasons that you love certain items, such as the fabric, shape, color or feel. Also consider how you feel when you’re wearing it, such as smart, slim or fashionable.

Putting It All Together: Match the words that you’ve written to the graphics you’ve found of your favorite clothing styles. Now you’ve determined your personal style and you can successfully match your clothing to your personality.

If you’d like to have a look to my inspirational style board, click the link below……………

Honing Your Personal Style

Fashion fades

Style is all about making a statement, reflecting your personality through fashion, and exuding your confidence to the world. It’s a means of self-expression – enabling us to show the world who we are, how we feel, and who we’d like to become.

The clothes you wear each day play a major role in your life. Style can make you feel comfortable both physically and psychologically. It’s also what other people see when making a first impression. While fashion trends are constantly on the move, there’s no denying the importance of style.

Imagine for a moment a world where everyone dressed the same. Where personal style was absent and a tasteful color palette was obsolete. Style is what makes you, you. Your wardrobe is your personal style of art, combining various aspects of your lifestyle and personality, your inspirations and interests, and your aspirations. Style allows you to display them to the world. Style = Individuality. Connecting with your inner fashion persona will not only help you improve your outside appearance, but also allow you to radiate your confidence to those around you.

It’s important not to confuse style and fashion, because while the two interlock in some areas, they mean two entirely different things. From your signature pearls to your favorite worn out jeans, personal style is something that cannot be faked or replicated. As in the wise words spoken by Coco Chanel, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.”

Everyone has their own unique sense of style and what some may consider “fashionable,” others would deem a fashion disaster. If you’ve lost your sense of style  or would like to re-energise your current style, we could work together. Let me guide on this journey through a personal style consultation, a wardrobe makeover or a personal shopping trip.

Give me a call on 0434 225 476 or email at to discuss what option would suit you.

Talk to you soon



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Vesna’s Style Goals (Autumn-Winter 2013)

Based on the article blog from last week “Setting your Style Goals”, I thought to share with you my own list of goals for Autumn-Winter 2013 and for the rest of the year…….

 Vesna goal - print mixing


  • To combine my favourite style types, Modern Classic, Sporty natural and Creative into an attractive and harmonious style
  • To wear simple outfits that are crisp, clean, modern and bold
  • To add even more colour to my wardrobe
  • To  buy a black leather handbag
  • To continue exploring the world of dresses
  • Experimenting with belts and hosiery
  • Trying pattern mixing
  • Keeping my wardrobe tidy all the time
  • To find a pair of tan knee length boots
  • To buy a warm (wool based) winter coat in khaki/beige colour
  • Organizing and displaying my jewellery in only one area of my bedroom in a way that I can see every single piece


Now that I’ve written my own “style goals”, they will be in the back of my mind, assisting me with my wardrobe purchasing decisions and daily outfit combinations. Not only but, actually, it feels great to transfer all the ideas that I had floating in my mind into a piece of paper…….. And good luck to you too if you made any goals or resolutions whether they be fashion related or not!


Setting your “Style Goals”

setting goals

Starting a new year or season involves freshening up your wardrobe and evolving your personal style. Take the style you wish to achieve and make it a reality, while ditching garments that don’t suit your individual look and comfort needs. Set fashion-wise goals throughout this year and keep these goals in the back of your mind as you shop, organise your wardrobe and pick out your daily outfits. In a world of fashion that is overwhelming, setting goals will keep you focused and help you develop your own sassy style.

Keep Goals Flexible

Realise that not all of you fashion goals will work out. You may love how bright tangerine or coral looks on someone else, but it doesn’t give you that kick of confidence you’re looking for. Lesson learned. Wear what makes you feel beautiful while still trying new colors, textures, shoes and accessories.

Setting Goals Along the Way

Set a bunch of small goals or one large goal – it’s up to you. Goals can be included in any aspect of your style, including your dressing routine, shopping or grooming habits. Make it a goal to practice positive body image or simply set a goal to add a new cocktail dress to your special occasion wardrobe.

Personalised Goals

Fashion goals can be personalised to help you achieve a style that is all your own. For example, purchasing clothing in the correct size can be goal, sticking to your monthly clothing budget can be a goal, and mixing patterns successfully can be a goal. Try new belts, hair pieces, hosiery or sophisticated jackets to your everyday outfits.

If you have any questions about setting your “style goals”, I’d be more than happy to answer them. Your questions could inspire other women to set their goals………

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Essential Style Tips for Women Over 50

Linda FergusAs you get older, your sense of style changes and with it, your body. The outfits you wore nearly 20 years ago don’t fit the same – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look stylish. You can still look fab over fifty with a few essential fashion tips.

Look to Style Icons. Women like Carolina Herrera, Barbara Walters, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon are great inspirations for mature fashion.

Keep grooming simple. Don’t think you have to cut your hair: a chic ponytail always looks smart and youthful. Too much color — red nails, red lips, eye shadow and blush (especially when used together) — are terribly aging.

Choose Classic Shapes. Pea jackets, shirt-dresses and trench coats never go out of style. Bring back a hint of your youth with some classic garments.

Invest in Turtlenecks. Black fitted turtlenecks flatter all women and are suitable for both day and night looks.

Experiment with Accessories. Add splashes of color and metal to your wardrobe by incorporating fun accessories, including handbags and scarves.

Skip the Frump. Choose fitted, not tight or frumpy garments. Wearing shapeless clothing can make you appear larger than you really are.

Minimize the Details. Gold buttons and trim can be aging. Instead, keep your garments simple with a tailored look without the glitz.

Show Off Your Legs. If you like to wear skirts, and you have good legs, wear them. (but not too short — they should fall around the knee).

Don’t Overthink It. It’s important to have a style that is all your own. Don’t go for trendy – be yourself and have your attire reflect your youthful personality.

My style icon over 50 is: Linda Fargo

Photo Source: pinterest


9 ways to wear a Classic White Shirt

Accessorise a white shirt



While simple and unadorned, the classic white shirt remains an essential wardrobe staple for all women. Dress it up with a belt or over a dress or play it casual with leggings or your favorite jeans. Experiment with your classic white shirts to stay fashionably versatile no matter how you decide to sport this chic look.



Wear a crisp white shirt…


  • Beach Beauty: With a pair of pleated shorts and toe post sandals.
  • Professional Miss: With a sheath skirt and slingback pumps.
  • White on White: With various white garments of different textures.
  • Over and Under: Loose over a black dress or layered under.
  • Rolled Up: Tucked into jeans, trousers or a skirt with the cuffs rolled.
  • Elegantly Belted: As a long tunic over leggings with a solid belt.
  • Comfy Layers: sheer with a white tank underneath.
  • Knotted Chic: Tied over a slip or shift dress.
  • Accessorised: With cuff bracelets or multiple strands of beads.

Tips to Get You Started…


  • Take a look in your wardrobe. Nearly every garment can be paired with a classic white shirt, including leggings, shorts, dresses – and even your comfy yoga pants.
  • Experiment and adjust. Try different combinations until you have created some looks that reflect your individual style.
  • Accessories make the outfit. Simply adding a stunning brooch or creating curves at the waistline with a belt can completely transform your look.
  • Modify and repeat until you’re happy. Take pictures of the creations you liked best to wear for another day. Get inspired by combining garments that you’ve never worn before. You may just find your new favorite outfit.


  • Wardrobe Overhaul

  • Shopping Trip

  • Style Party