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Half Tuck or Full Tuck

Half and full tuck


Full tuck or half tuck? If fully tucking your top doesn’t flatter your body because you have a short torso or because you have a bit of tummy, the half-tuck trend offers a solution to fashion challenges. You could slightly tuck your top at the front, at the side or at the back. By half tucking your top you would be able to show off your waistline to create a more flattering silhouette or show your belt as part of the accessories you are wearing.  Do you normally full tuck or half tuck your tops? Please leave your comments below

How can I add more fun to my summer’s wardrobe?

Summer is the perfect excuse to lighten up your looks with soft shades and with florals or tropical prints to show off your girlie side in an effortless way.

This season’s florals and tropical prints instantly add a touch fun to any wardrobe and the key to wearing florals is to keep it in balance.

So here are some tips to getting the look right:

Pick one colour of the floral pattern you want to wear with your bottom for example, and then pair it with a block coloured top that has one of the colours of the floral.

Modernise floral with trendy shoes or blazer to take this feminine trend into a more chic look.

The larger the scale of the print or floral the larger you will tend to appear. So wear the floral on you smallest part of your body. ie. if you have not much bust and you are heavy on your thighs wear the floral on your top.


If you are not ready to jump on the floral trend, then you you can play it safe with accessories like scarves or necklaces.

So, do you have some interesting soft shades or florals in your wardrobe this summer?  If so,  I’d love you to share below how those florals make you feel….


How to stay in touch with latest fashion trends

Fashion trends constantly change and can be challenging to stay up to date. Each season you will find new colours, patterns and styles. I’m not here to suggest you that you should be following the latest trends because I strongly believe that is far more rewarding and gratifying to dress for your body shape, personality and lifestyle rather than to look trendy.

Latest fashion trends collage with wording

However, by knowing what’s happening in the world of fashion you can keep your looks modern and your wardrobe update. So, let’s talk about how to keep in touch with the current trends. So here are some suggestions:

Subscribe to fashion magazines: you can either receive the latest copies online or get your magazine physically delivered to your home. I personally love having a real magazine in my hands and my favourite magazines are InStyle and Shop till you Drop.

Visit your local shopping venue: and do a bit of window shopping to see what’s on display. You can either try on a variety of styles and colours that you wouldn’t normally buy. This could make you think outside your comfort zone and appreciate the feel and look of something you wouldn’t normally wear. Just one important note here, remember that if you see something you love and you think it looks flattering on you make sure it will go with at least 3 other things in your wardrobe. If you won’t be able to mix it and match it with what you currently own it will turn out to be an expensive item.

Visit online fashion websites: do your own research………..big department stores like Myer and David Jones have their own blog and you can even watch their latest fashion parades online from the comfort of your own home.

Subscribe to your favourite stores’ newsletters: you can either do it online or you can visit your favourite stores and sign up there. So, will become a member which will give you email access to the latest trends but also to the latest discounts and promotions.

So, you don’t have to use all of these strategies at the same time.  One or two would be enough to give you a pretty good idea on what’s taking place in the fashion world. If you are newbie or you don’t have that fashion flair, my suggestion would be just start subscribing to 3 or 4 brands that you are attracted to. You don’t want to get overwhelmed by too much information.

Also, remember that some trends may not suit your body shape. So if this is the case, think outside the box. For example if you are big girl or you are heavy around your thighs avoid big bold patterns within your clothing or within your bottoms and perhaps add a scarf, which is an accessory, to portray this trend. If leather is dominating the current fashion season and you think it looks too heavy and harsh on you, perhaps you could opt for a top which has leather panels rather than a full leather top.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends? Are you struggling to transition these trends to your body shape and lifestyle? Please share your thoughts with us; your comments could inspire other women……….

What is Street Fashion or Street Style?

Have you heard this term before? It took me some time to understand its meaning…

According to Wikipedia, “Street Fashion is an expression used to describe Fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots. Street Fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centres. Japanese street Fashion sustains multiple simultaneous highly diverse Fashion movements at any given time.”

street style London

It can be extremely inspiring to watch people on the street and see how they dress from day-to-day. At this stage, much of my outfit inspirations come from photos that I see in newspapers and magazines. However, I know that one day in the near future I will travel to the fashion capitals of the world – Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, London, and Paris – and physically walk the streets to become inspired by authentic street style.

When you see a stranger walking down the street, what is it about his or her outfit that catches your eye? Is it one or more of the categories below?

Personalized Style – This is a type of look that represents a personal fashion persona that is different than your own. This person is an inspiration for putting together an ensemble that is very well-executed.

Great Details – Is there a certain element that draws you to the outfit? From the perfect way her skirt drapes to a stunning haircut or a statement-making necklace.

Aspiring Palette – Sometimes it’s not the clothes a person wears, but the colors. Various color combinations can really make an outfit spectacular.

Small Tweaks – You may simply adore the outfit but feel with just one small tweak, it would totally be for you.

Want It/Need It – Are you simply in the “I want it, I need it” phase when you want to steal the look – from head to toe.

Do you use street style photos to inspire your own individual look? Have you noticed patterns in modern day street fashion? When you’re out on the street, take a look around and allow other people’s unique style to inspire your own.

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Is this look for you? Pattern and Texture Mixing

Pattern mixingMany women tend to shy away from mixing patterns and textures. Instead of embracing this growing trend seen in both high-end boutiques and on the fashion runways, women tend to steer clear of garments that may seem gaudy on their own. While mixing patterns and textures may be a bit challenging, the right combinations can provide you with a fashion forward style that’s all your own.

Maintain Color Scheme

Patterns should share a corresponding color scheme. For example, if your floral blouse is ivory, coral and blue, your skirt should also contain bits of ivory, coral and/or blue or anything similar (Same colour but different shade)

Break It Up

When mixing patterns and textures, you can’t go wrong when you break it up with a solid color. Whether it’s with a jacket or wide belt, solids give an outfit more balance.

Don’t Over-Match

Fashion is not confined to certain rules. There’s no need to wear the same pattern from head-to-toe. Keep your outfits fresh by switching up colors and textures for a new look.

Add in Neutrals

Neutrals are the perfect way to visually space out two or more patterns. This can be done with other articles of clothing or with shoes, stockings or other accessories.

Combine Big and Small

When combining patterns of different densities and sizes, it’s important to balance your outfit. Therefore, try mixing larger with smaller prints and dense with sparse prints.

Think Flattering

Some patterns simply mesh well with certain other patterns. Choose patterns and colors that complement one another, such as floral and stripes or leopard print and stripes.


You can use rules when mixing patterns and with a little practice and confidence, anyone can pull the look. Mixing patterns and textures within your outfit can be visually stimulating for the eye, but in a refined way and gives you the chance to show your daring side. Would you dare……?


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