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White Colour in Winter? Yes!

Jeans, grey jumper animalprint and white accessories


Here I’m getting back home on a beautiful sunny winter day in Adelaide. My daughter joined me during this mini photo-shoot session and wanted to pose next to me. My boy is the one who took the photo. After taking these pics, he said: mum “Can I have now some money for this job? We a have mini-entrepreneur at home. That’s for sure.

I love this wool thin jumper because it keeps me warm without feeling bulky which I wore it with blue jeans. I teamed them up with an animal print jacket which lightens up the grey colour of the jumper and I finished the outfit with white accessories, like the handbag, bracelet and earrings to add that touch of colour while keeping the neutral shades blended. By the way, white has become a popular colour in the last winters, so it’s not longer associated with a summer colour.

Did this outfit inspire you? If so, please share your comments below and tell me why. Thank you!! xx

Winter Outfit Idea – Grey and teal

It’s winter right now in Adelaide and I’ve been loving the colour grey for this cold season. However, being a person who loves colours I had to mix it with a bright colour, teal blue and a bit of pattern. I don’t know if you can appreciate it from the photo but I’m wearing printed stockings. They are fun and I feel than can transform this look into something a bit more adventurous. What do you think of this colour combination?

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Talk to you soon

My outfit grey and teal

Vesna’s Style Goals (Autumn-Winter 2013)

Based on the article blog from last week “Setting your Style Goals”, I thought to share with you my own list of goals for Autumn-Winter 2013 and for the rest of the year…….

 Vesna goal - print mixing


  • To combine my favourite style types, Modern Classic, Sporty natural and Creative into an attractive and harmonious style
  • To wear simple outfits that are crisp, clean, modern and bold
  • To add even more colour to my wardrobe
  • To  buy a black leather handbag
  • To continue exploring the world of dresses
  • Experimenting with belts and hosiery
  • Trying pattern mixing
  • Keeping my wardrobe tidy all the time
  • To find a pair of tan knee length boots
  • To buy a warm (wool based) winter coat in khaki/beige colour
  • Organizing and displaying my jewellery in only one area of my bedroom in a way that I can see every single piece


Now that I’ve written my own “style goals”, they will be in the back of my mind, assisting me with my wardrobe purchasing decisions and daily outfit combinations. Not only but, actually, it feels great to transfer all the ideas that I had floating in my mind into a piece of paper…….. And good luck to you too if you made any goals or resolutions whether they be fashion related or not!


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