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You can break those unhealthy shopping habits – Part 2

In the previous blog I shared some of the most popular disempowering shopping habits that a lot of women struggle with and also some tips on how to break them.

Are you buying more and more, wearing less, and start experiencing a lot of frustration and disappointment during your shopping trips? You may be experiencing some of these unhealthy shopping habits:

 Constantly buying the same things

How to break it: if you find yourself buying the same style of clothing it could because of a lack of knowledge on what suit your personality and body shape or because you’ve lost that confidence into trying new things or you just can be bothered. If you simply feel you can’t be bothered to try new things, ask yourself whether you’ve given up on “looking after yourself”. Register for a workshop top open your mind to new options and get to know yourself or work with a personal stylist who can inspire you and teach how to get out of your style rut.

Buying the same item in 2,3 or 4 colours

How to break it: I find that most of the time this habit comes from a “scarcity mentality” or from a “negative attitude” towards shopping. When you shop thinking that it’s going to be hard to find something that suit you or that you don’t have time to keep looking around or come back another day, it’s kind of easy to buy the same items in few colours. Finally, you find something that your like or suits you; so you’ll buy it in 3 different colours. This is not a very healthy way to shop for your wardrobe because eventually you will feel that you are wearing the same things and that you lack versatility. My suggestion would be,start journaling (buy a new notebook) your fashion purchases and every time you fall into this habit, dig into your emotions and mind. Write down the conversation that is happening inside you; i.e. what made you buy that garment in few colours, what could had happened if you bought just one garment in your most favourite colour? etc. Please avoid using the question WHY, because your mind immediately will go into “defense mode” and emotionally you will feel attacked; consequently, you won’t be in the mood to self-enquiry.

You give into every sale email or promotion (they make you all of the sudden need something)

How to break it: If you’ve subscribed to many stores’ newsletters, perhaps it’s time now to start unsubscribing so you don’t see what’s happening in stores now. Remember out of sight out of mind. If you are physically shopping for something in particular and you find some amazing sales that feel almost painful to miss, remind yourself why did you originally come to the shops for. You need to distract yourself, so you can  leave the shop, go for a walk, stop for a coffee and read something that interests you or ring a friend.

You constantly forget or can’t be bothered to return items you’re not happy with

How to break it: Simply stop buying clothes without trying them. Become more knowledgeable, empowered and confident in your purchases decisions through learning the skills of styling and dressing your shape (through group session or workshops or one-on-ones sessions). Also take photo of what you have in your wardrobe so you could get a I good idea of what you could be mixing this new item with. If you don’t have anything at home to mix and match don’t buy it. If what you’re about to buy is going to be a staple piece or investment in your wardrobe because you’re starting to build your wardrobe from scratch put some thoughts into it, such as “Does this pair of jeans flatter my shape?  Does it make feel and look great?  Do I really need a light blue denim or would it be more practical to get a dark blue denim instead?”

Using fashion as a kind of instant gratification

How to break it: A lot of women, including me, get an immediate sense of pleasure and gratification when shopping and buying but once you become more conscious and aware that you’re on a mission to boost your confidence and create a minimal, practical and versatile wardrobe you will be less inclined to use fashion as a tool to temporarily fulfil you. In that moment when you’re about to make that decision of hitting the shops, take few breaths and allow yourself to explore other activities which will bring you pleasure and gratification without jeopardising your confidence, wardrobe, emotional being or health i.e. going for a walk, listening to an inspiring podcast, buying something for a friend or a stranger (as a random act of kindness), etc.

If you think you are experiencing some unhealthy shopping habits, please do something about it. Look for help and take some actions to upgrade them for empowering habits; you will automatically boost your confidence, your wardrobe will thank you and you will feel liberated.


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Vesna xx

The simple formula to look your best!

When I get the opportunity to work with women de-cluttering their wardrobes and helping them to choose some new outfits I always remind them that these sessions are part of a journey.

When you are looking for a long term change such as losing weight or leaning something new, such as a new skill or language, you don’t get results from one the day to the other; it takes time, practice and dedication. The same happens when you want to dress better, look more stylish or you want to revamp your wardrobe. It’s like embarking on a style journey where you start practicing small changes in your every day dressing and in your wardrobe which, over time, will make an impact on your overall image and confidence.

This journey starts by setting your styling pillars which represent the foundation to a happier, more confident and beautiful you!

There are 4 styling pillars or components into my styling formula to define or evolve your style and look fabulous,  feel confident and ultimately shine!

  •  Pillar 1: It’s about identifying your body shape and learning how to dress it. So then, dressing  becomes less time consuming, fun and simple while in that process you can start accepting and understanding your body.

vs models.jpg

  •  Pillar 2: It’s about discovering which colours compliment your skin and make look great and vibrant. This can give you a new sense of freedom and self-expression and it can also add so much live and versatility into your wardrobe.

Vesna & Colours

  •  Pillar 3: It’s about learning your clothing personality. The things that we appreciate in a piece of clothing such as comfort, flexibility, details, textures determine the style of clothing that resonates the most with us. We are normally a combination of two personalities i.e. Classic/elegant combined with feminine/ romantic but normally one personality stands out. By identifying your clothing personality you can start saving money, time and energy because you will get more clear on what styles of clothes really work for you and your lifestyle.

Photo Makeover with Shanon

  •  Pillar 4: This last pillar is about having an organised wardrobe and shopping strategically to compliment what you have in there. Once you declutter your wardrobe you can learn to be creative about remixing what you already own and get more mileage from every piece you have there. Also, by knowing exactly what you own you can keep building your wardrobe by adding  items you need and serve your shape and  lifestyle.

Photo for Becoming a Wiser Shopper

So, basically this is a journey of having fun with your wardrobe, getting out of your style rut, bringing out the best version of you, feeling fabulous from the inside out, feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, shopping with purpose and saving money and maximising your time when dressing every morning. Who wouldn’t want to embark on this journey?

Please leave your comments below or contact me  on 0434 225 476 if you needed any help setting your styling pillars.

 Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox – Outfit Idea 6 & 7

For those of you who have been following Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox articles, you may have been starting to appreciate the difference that the right style and shape of clothing, length of tops and bottoms, necklines and accessories can make on someone’s body shape. In few words, with the right styling you can play optical illusions which can make you look taller, slimmer, younger, etc.

And for those of you who haven’t been following Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox you can click the links below to check the other outfit combinations:

Outfit Idea 1

Outfit Ideas 2 & 3

As a personal stylist, I’m a big believer that by wearing outfits that flatter your body shape combined with the colours that compliment your skin you can start feeling and looking great. Also, I believe that our body curves, whether voluminous or not, are meant to be highlighted rather than hidden. Think about fashion in the 1940s and 1950s when, not matter the body size, women used to wear fitted and tailored clothing. Nowadays, fashion is very open and every season brings a bit of everything.  I’ve been finding difficult to create a flattering look when it comes to the boxy, shapeless and masculine styles of tops, jackets and dresses which are getting more popular in the stores nowadays.















So, in the photo below, Aleksandra is wearing two different tops. As you can see the fit and shape of them are very different which create the illusion of a shorter and heavier silhouette (outfit 6) versus a taller and leaner figure (outfit 7). Would you agree?

Outfit Idea 6 & 7 Collage with wording

















The main differences with the tops are:

  • Wide boxy style of top versus a fitted blouse or shirt
  • Wide long sleeves versus slim rolled-up sleeves
  • High round neck versus button up shirt (un-buttoned at the top to create an open neckline)

Are you spotting the differences and the impact that they have on Aleksandra’s body shape? I’d love to hear your comments. Please write your thoughts below

Show your daring side by mixing patterns

Mixing prints and patterns is a fabulous way to add a touch of individual style to your outfits and can be visually stimulating for the eye while giving you the chance to show your daring side. Would you dare……? In this article I will go through some mixing pattern guidelines that you can give them a go. Then with a little practice and confidence you will start pulling some interesting combinations and have fun with them.

One of my clients sent me this picture of an outfit that she put together some time ago and asked me if this combination works. As soon as I saw the photo, my first thought was “those pieces are beautiful but they are not talking to each other” and my second thought was something like: “I feel confused about this”. So, why I personally think that this combination is not working? Here it goes…..

 Mixing patterns

  • One pattern should be dominant so you eye has a place to settle on first and you don’t get that sense of confusion. There is no dominant pattern here (yes, I agree that pattern of the blouse stands out compared to the pattern of the pants but it’s just because of the darker colours not because of the pattern).
  • Look for a common theme colour, line or design. The easiest way to do it is by “common theme colour”. In this case the colour black which is the common colour is not working. The black and white colours of the pants are so crammed that my eyes are seeing more like a grey colour rather than black and white.
  • Ideally mix a small scale of pattern/print with a large one. When mixing two patterns of the same size this can appear too busy. Here we have a small scale (pants’ pattern) with a small to medium scale (shirt’s scale).
  • One pattern should stand out from the rest to create a harmonised look.

Following the above guidelines, here are 3 outfit combinations using similar pieces and keeping something floral on the top to give you some mixing ideas. The combinations 1 and 2 are very classic while combination 3 is much more adventurous since the pattern of the top is busier compared to the other two tops. However, the latter is still harmonious and appealing to the eyes. Would you agree?

Mixing patterns collage with logo

When mixing patterns, put your outfit on, have a look in front of the mirror and pay attention to how you feel about it….Ask yourself; do I feel a sense of confusion looking at this?  If yes, pass it by. If I wear this will my best features be highlighted?  You will know the answer here.

Play a little bit at home with you patterned pieces and please let me know how you go? Don’t forget to have fun!

A mixable & matchable wardrobe

Does the concept of mixing & matching what you have in your wardrobe sound unattainable?

It doesn’t matter how large or organised your wardrobe is, if the pieces you own don’t communicate and work with each other, you will never be able to create a mixable & matchable wardrobe.  In order to make it happen, you would need to work on the foundation of your wardrobe/outfits and the accent & pop pieces.

  Casual Outfit 2 with wordingOutfit created at the end of a personal shopping trip session

The Base or your staples

The base is the foundation of an outfit and where you begin.  These pieces can be a suit, a pair of pants, a dress or a pair of jeans.  Generally, these pieces are timeless and classic and often neutral in colour. They are your base because they can easily be added to.  It’s important to keep in mind with mix-and-match fashion is variety.  You don’t need three pair of black pants, for example.  If you have one, you can move on and add other colours.  A lack of variety I personally think is one of the reasons I find women are struggling to mix and match and feel like they have nothing to wear.

The Accent

 Accent pieces are what you will wear with your base pieces and they are usually tops, cardigans and layering pieces that you can wear underneath your suits, jackets and cardigans.  Like your base pieces, you need variety.  While your base pieces are typically heavy in neutrals, your accents can be a mix of colours, neutral hues and patterns.

The Pop or Wow

 If you’re lacking that pop or wow factor in your outfits you might be feeling bored with your current looks. Pop pieces are jewellery, scarves, belts, shoes, hats, handbags and those small details that add interest to your outfits and give them a trendy touch.

Taking time to create outfits is essential because it allows you to see what you may be missing in your wardrobe and it will also help you become more purposeful with your shopping.  An outfit session is always part of my full consultations with clients.  Each outfit gets captured with a photo and then they receive the photos to add them into their Style Journey Folder. So they can refer back to them anytime and get the maximum use out of what they own.

Wardrobe matters: I have nothing to wear

When you have a wardrobe full of rejected clothes (too long, too short, too old, too frumpy, too tight…), your self-esteem immediately drops and you feel bored and hopeless with what you have. That’s a fact….

Before & After Wardrobe Illustration

 So, treat your wardrobe as prime real estate…..WHY?

  • The less you pack in there the more you will wear. Items buried at the bottom of a drawer or garments you can’t see will never be worn again.
  • A tidy, accessible space for the clothes that fit you and that you enjoy wearing will help you evolve your style and feel more confident.
  • You will be saving money and becoming more mindful about your spending habits in general.
  • You will have more time for the things that matter most; you will be inviting more peace into your life.
  • You will feel more creative and adventurous in having less.
  • You will make accessories your best friend. Take an old outfit or a basic outfit, add a generous helping of this seasons trend of jewellery, scarves, belts, hats, bags…. and there you have it, a new outfit.

It’s so refreshing to open your wardrobe and find a clutter-free zone, filled with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Because I truly DO NOT believe that more choice means better options and greater satisfaction. It actually creates anxiety and limits creativity.

How is your wardrobe looking right now? Would you agree with the strategy of having less?  Please leave your comment below.

Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox – Outfit Idea 2 & 3

Here I’m again showing you more outfit ideas that I put together with Aleksandra from Unveil the Beauty while detoxing and organising her wardrobe. If you wanted to see what the “Outfit Idea 1” was all about click here. Aleksandra has beautiful curves and a very defined waistline which are some of her body assets together with her gorgeous eyes, skin complexion and bust line. The heaviest parts of her body are her thighs, and calves and in terms of body’s proportions, Aleksandra has a short torso.

So, my intention of putting these outfits together is to show you how we can create optical illusions on our body by choosing cuts, styles, lengths, necklines, etc. that helps us highlight our body assets, and in this case make Aleksandra look taller and slimmer. And please let me clarify something, Aleksandra looks beautiful on both of the outfits (2 & 3). However, when we dress on styles that are the most flattering on our silhouette and highlight our assets that’s when I think you get that feeling of looking “fabulous”.

In regards to these 2 outfits; they both communicate a totally different message because they are two complete different looks. You may have a different opinion than mine, but I personally think that outfit 3 looks much more flattering than 2; why?

Outfit Idea 2 collage


The short skirt reveals more of Aleksandra’s legs which give the illusion of length.

The vertical detail with the frill on the top and the vertical stripes on the skirt gives you the illusion of lengthening as well.

The V-neck neckline reveals more skin and lengthens her neck and torso.

Aleksandra is exposing her skin through her cleavage, arms and legs which creates and optical trick of looking taller and leaner.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Are you seeing what I’m seeing with Aleksandra’s outfits?  Please leave your comments below. Writing down your thoughts may help you to learn and clarify some of the questions you had in mind about fashion and styling.

 Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox – Outfit Idea 1

I’m very exciting to share with you Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox journey. Aleksandra is a friend of mine and a very talented make-up artist. She is the director of Unveil the Beauty and we work together at Adelaide Central Plaza’s Style Lounge where we empower women to feel and look their best!

Aleksandra has been wanted to do a wardrobe makeover for a while and even though she has a really good knowledge and sense of fashion she still faces some frustrations in her wardrobe. She said to me: “I’d like to know how to choose the right top to be versatile in my wardrobe and how to pair it up with my bottoms”.  So I decided to start detoxing Aleksandra’s wardrobe by getting rid of items that don’t flatter her silhouette. Then, Aleksandra came up with this idea of capturing the “unflattering – NO & flattering YES” looks by taking photos and sharing them with you so you can also learn and get some inspiration along the way.

So here is the 1st Outfit idea or combo that we put together. So, find out below why these outfits bring to Aleksandra’s bodyshape, body frame & proportions different results.

Outfit Idea 1 – Potential Scenario: Casual midday lunch with friends

Outfit Idea 1

Left Outfit: the soft A-line skirt (which is the shape of the skirt) & the length (just below knee) make Aleksandra look a bit frumpier and shorter.

Right Outfit: the straight (pencil) skirt and length above knee (approx 3cms) make Aleksandra look slimmer and taller.

What do you think? Do you have the same struggles than Aleksandra has? If so, please share them with us………..

WHY would you de-clutter your wardrobe?


My wardrobe Before & After Collage

“Women usually love what they buy , yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets” Mignon McLaughlin…

After seeing so many wardrobes during my time as a personal stylist I’ve found that most of the time is the clutter in our wardrobes that can give us the feeling of “I have nothing to wear”. When you have a cluttered wardrobe you can’t even see what you have in there and that creates a cluttering feeling in your mind as well (mental space) and in your heart (emotional space). What may happen then is to compensate for this feeling we then buy lots of things on impulse or because they are on sale or simply because you may feel bored about your current style.

Some of you’ve  already done a wardrobe makeover with me . If that’s you, I’d really appreciate if you could please share your experience about how you felt after de-cluttering your wardrobe and the benefits that this experience brought to your life.

Perhaps who have downloaded and read the “How to create versatile and organised wardrobe in 5 simple steps” eGuide when you subscribed to my newsletter, and you may have already done your own wardrobe makeover. So, it’d be great to hear from you about this experience.

And finally for those of you who haven’t done a wardrobe session or haven’t implemented the steps given in this eGuide, I was wondering if organising your wardrobe is something that you’ve considered to do? Clearly, there should be a reason why you would organise your wardrobe, like everything in life ,when we feel we need a change it’s because something is currently bothering us……so if this is YOU, my suggestion would be write down ‘WHY” you want to declutter your wardrobe. How will it improve your home & life? What benefits will it bring to you?

Remember that your wardrobe is where you start your day. We all need to get dressed everyday so why not spend some time sorting out what you have in there and getting rid of things that don’t look flattering on you. Once you know what you have it will be much easier to identify what pieces you have missing to complement your current wardrobe. So, next time you hit the fashion stores you can stick to your shopping list.

Write it in a journal or notepad but put it down and out of your head!
Without  the WHY – you don’t have the desire. Even write it here in the comments below to share with others to help them discover their WHY.

The power of a Wardrobe Makeover

Tracey Phillips

A good collection of clothing is an investment in self-esteem and a vital part of your strategy for self-fulfillment. As you learn to organise and plan your wardrobe you will be able to cut through all the clutter and confusion of what to wear. Build a wardrobe that really works for you and you will wake up every morning with the knowledge that every outfit you choose will be the right one.

I prepared this collage photo after doing a wardrobe makeover not along ago. My client and I decided to focus on the spring summer capsule and then doing the Autumn/Winter capsule later on. Because of my client’s lifestyle we decided to have just one cluster (work wear and casual/weekend wear) and categorise it be styles and colours. Having just one wardrobe capsule doesn’t always work, i.e. you might have an office wear capsule (corporate styles) and then another capsule for everyday/casual wear. That’s why before I get into the “hands-on” part of the session (de-cluttering) I discuss with my client her lifestyle needs and personal style.

A wardrobe makeover will give you, at least, 2 hours of fun, enlightenment,  that “aha moment” and a new passion and joy about your wardrobe. Cost: $70 p/hour. Plus a Personalised Style Guide, photos of the different outfits created during the session and your own Pinterest Style Board

Call me on 0434225476 or email on to book or enquiry about a Wardrobe Makeover session with Vesna

If you have never experienced a professional wardrobe makeover, don’t wait any longer. It’s a fun way to refresh your look, revitalise your wardrobe space and enjoy getting dressed each day. 

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