Vesna spent 3 hours with me going through my wardrobe. She is so very talented and has an eye for style. Her kind words and diplomacy are something to be admired. She is a true asset in your wardrobe. I think we should add a “personal stylist” to our wardrobe – the same as we add shoes and jackets! Definitely a wardrobe essential for me! Her tips will save me thousands of dollars – but more importantly they will give me super self-confidence and give me back time (coz now I know what to wear and what to buy – no more bad clothes days for me!) Thank you.”

Vera, 43 years – CEO & Business Owner


I was one of those people who would look at my overflowing wardrobe and still have ‘nothing to wear’. But since experiencing Vesna’s Personal Stylist wardrobe and personal shopping services I can now put together an outfit in less time and actually receive compliments for the way I look! Vesna made a couple of suggestions on how to work with my body shape and the essential items I was missing out of my wardrobe which made all the difference. During the shopping trip I purchased a couple of items Vesna recommended and that I wouldn’t have normally thought of and since then have found they have made all the difference. In fact, I’m kicking myself for not buying the other items she suggested because now I realise that I need them but can’t find them in the stores anymore!!”

Natalie Estrella – ESL Teacher and mother of 2


I highly enjoyed my shopping trip with Vesna. She utilised the information I provided prior to our appointment to really tailor a wardrobe that suited my shape and style. It was fun trying on outfits and getting tips on how to accessorise to maximise the look! I have struggled to find jeans that fit my shape for years and years but Vesna found the perfect pair for me first go! I’d highly recommend a shopping trip with Vesna to anyone of any age and any shape! It was a really great experience!

Jemma, 28 years


Thanks Vesna and Aida for my ‘Make over’ last Friday. Was truly nice to ‘get’ instead of ‘give’ the makeover. Was great fun! Next will be the ‘wardrobe makeover’. Girls let Vesna and Aida transform your life too. Contact her today.”

Dora – Senior Executive at Neways International (Aust)



I’ve always wanted someone to work through my wardrobe with me and was delighted when I got a chance to work with Vesna. Not only do I now look at how I put colour together in a completely new way, but I’ve managed to rid myself of all those items which didn’t really work for me but where I never could put my finger on why. My closet has never been more organised and I now always have a well put together outfit to wear. Thanks Vesna!”

Kathryn Franz, 40years- Business Development Manager



I just wanted to contact you to thank you so much for coordinating the styling of my photo shoot last month. The looks you created for me were absolutely spot on! Not only that, your involvement on the day of the shoot made the world of difference to the end images, by making sure everything (hair, makeup, jewellery and clothes) were all in order for each shot. You were like a styling ninja!

I am so thrilled with the images, and so grateful for your expertise and involvement on the day. Thank you!”

Laura de Lacy, Cyberstart Tradie


• I loved the great diplomacy Vesna had when it came to wardrobe editing.
• I appreciated Vesna’s true honesty about any items that were dated.
• I loved having Vesna in my home and felt immediately comfortable in her company.
• I feel like I have finally made it out of the ‘woods’ and have a clear direction about my body shape and some of those niggling questions I had have been answered. i.e. skirt length!
• Since the consult day I have felt so much more confident in putting an outfit together, quickly.
• I didn’t realise Vesna would also arrange my hanging wardrobe which I love.
• I liked that Vesna educates as well as style. I so get the big blowsy top thing does not suit me now.
• I feel like I dress more my age now rather than older.

Louise, 39 years, mother of two


Thanks Vesna for my first joyful clothes shopping experience!  Normally my clothes shopping experiences leave me feeling depressed with little results. Not knowing, what suited my body shape, I always resorted to dark colours and clothes that just didn’t fit right, always leaving me frustrated.

 Spending some time with you  not only introduced some colour into my wardrobe but gave me the confidence to try some different styles. It was great having you pick clothes off the rack that I would not normally have looked at. I am extremely happy with the clothes we found and how they fit but more importantly how they make me feel. Which helped give me a boost of confidence returning to work after 18mths of maternity leave feeling and looking good.  Thank you and I will look forward to using your services again in the future.

Amy, 35 years, Project Manager


I would truly recommend having you to guide and mentor anyone who is unclear in their direction in dressing. To clarify your figure type and the colours that suit you. You have helped me immensely in my direction now and have made it so much easier to choose an outfit and feel confident that I could go anywhere. Meet the Queen or have coffee in a cafe with friends. Having the wardrobe makeover and then the fashion shop was an experience I wish everyone could have because it was so life changing. Thank you Vesna. Kindest regards

Jo, 65 years


Vesna was amazing she opened my eyes to habits I’d developed over a lifetime of not being happy with my weight/body. I found I had a wardrobe mainly full of items which were too baggy & not flattering at all.

With her “magic wand” we culled a third of my wardrobe & she showed me how to make the most of what I have left & how to completely change my look by using accessories I already have but was unsure of how to use.

One of the most amazing techniques Vesna used was showing me how different I could look by pinning the length of my garments or tapering pants & skirts & taking photos so I could see the before & after to see for myself the difference visually.

I will definitely continue to use Vesna’s services especially as I have already had many comments & compliments made about my “new look”. She is an expert in what she does, takes the time & prepares you by communicating prior to your appointment with appropriate questions & relevant information to make the process seamless. Vesna cares about you & puts you first & that is abundantly obvious.

Thank you Vesna…see you soon

Caroline Antonino, 40 years, Business Entrepreneur



All I can say, Vesna, is thank you so much for an amazing style and shopping experience!!
I can now go to my wardrobe and know that the items of clothing I purchased, with your advice, will not only match – they look awesome as well!
I have had so many compliments and feel amazing and confident wearing them.
So looking forward to the next time – everyone should have this experience once in their life and I’m sure they will want to do it again, I know I do.
Super happy, thanks again Vesna
Much love Jenny

Jenny Barham, 43 years


OMG! Would I recommend Vesna, yes, yes, yes and yes!!

I used to have a wardrobe that was bursting from its seams yet I never had anything to wear. I made a poor attempt of dressing like a try hard bo-ho/hippie wondering why something just wasn’t right. This really affected my confidence although I am quite a confident person. My dress sense was letting me down.

Now after my wardrobe makeover, defining my style and slowly purchasing classics and funky chic items through our shopping trips. I feel confident, classy and sexy. Vesna has also helped me create the funky aspect of my wardrobe that I got so wrong before.

Now shopping is fun again! I love bringing home an item and it’s great to see how many other items I can mix and match it with.

I will definately be using Vesna’s styling expertise again. In fact my husband is next in line for a ward robe makeover and a shopping trip. Can’t wait!

Kerry – Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor



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