Have you ever set any wardrobe or style goals?

Whether you’re reading this email at the beginning of a New Year or season it doesn’t really matter. The message that I would like to convey is that today is the perfect time to start cleaning or refreshing your wardrobe and evolve your personal style.

In order to do that, I highly recommend you to write your wardrobe and style and image goals. Keep them simple and to a maximum if 5 goals to start with. Place that list of goals somewhere handy that you can see them and make a decision now to start acting on them.

Think about the colours and variety or style of patterns, your personality and style, your grooming routine, your body posture, etc.

Here are some examples:

  • Add 2-3 new bright colours into my wardrobe within the next 6 months
  • Review the patterns that I have and make a decision if I’m going to keep them or not
  • Review the style of clothing I have in my wardrobe. Take photos of 3-4 styles I like the most and create an inspirational style board based on those styles.
  • Wear something out of my comfort zone once a week

beautiful young woman near rack with hangers

Now that you’ve written your own “wardrobe & style goals”, they will be in the back of your mind, guiding you with your fashion shopping decisions and daily outfit combinations. By doing this, you will not only feel more in control of your style but you will also feel better about yourself!

I’d love to hear about how you go, so please share your experience with us. Leave your comment below or in Facebook.

In the next email, I’ll share with you some ideas on how to set your style goals.

Talk to you very soon

Till next time

Vesna xx



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