Are you afraid to change your personal image & looks?

A lot of women like the idea of working with a personal stylist and find a style that makes them shine. However, over the last years I’ve realised that a lot of women are afraid of change and are not allowing to say “YES” to themselves. In other words, is like saying: I don’t deserve to feel and look confident or it’s ok to cope with my style rut….

They may desperately want to change but the first step such as, learning about their body shape, understanding what looks flattering for their figure and organising their wardrobe, feels so overwhelming that they don’t make any decision.
That first step is usually the hardest because it’s about getting into unknown territory, it’s about having some else looking at their wardrobe, which is something quite private and perhaps having to face their body issues and insecurities and share them with a stranger. The reality is that once you go through some styling foundations, and as you evolve and learn this style journey gets easier.

The other day I talked to a person who felt afraid about joining a local fitness centre; she said: “Back when I first signed up I was intimidated to sign up as if everyone would see this newbie. I remember being intimidated to go to the weight area until one day before a workout I told myself I would do it and it wasn’t so bad and I repeated the process and don’t feel that way anymore”. Overtime things get better the more used you become to it. This is the same kind of concept that I’m talking about but applied to a different scenario.

Styling Linda James

Styling Linda after doing a shopping trip with her and buying clothes that would flatter her new body shape. Linda was one of the Healthy Inspirations Slimmer of the Year  2014 winners

What is the positive outcome of changing your looks and defining your style?

Generally speaking, change is a great thing. Without change, we’d never grow!
By de-cluterring your wardrobe you will declutter your mind allowing space for new things into your life.
Changing your look can motivate you to lose weight, start a new relationship or simply to start looking after yourself.

It’s ok and normal to go through some dis-empowering feelings when you internally feel that you’d like a makeover or get an inspiring wardrobe. Sometimes, you just have to make a decision without overanalysing it, trust the process or the journey you’re about to embark and embrace who you are. The rest will be taken care.

If you have already done a styling session with me I’d really appreciate it if you could please share your experience with other women. Leave a comment below or at my facebook page.

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