Are you ready to experience a Complete Style Makeover?

You have the potential to be the best you can regardless of your age, shape, size, or budget. It is a journey of self-discovery, embracing who you really are and having the knowledge of what works for you.

How do you gain the style knowledge you need? You can start by using the information here on my website or experience a style makeover like Sandra did some time ago. A complete makeover is a fun way to learn how to look great while feeling pampered and cared. In the photo below, Sandra’s new style & look was achieved with cool colours, which make her eyes pop and her skin glow and by wearing fitted styles of clothes. A natural make-up application and a red lipstick really suit her and make her shine.

The aim is to understand who you are now, today. Then learn how to express who you are, and how you want to be seen, using your clothing and appearance. Also taking into consideration what’s appropriate for the occasion and the people you’ll be with.

CSA_4306_SANDRA_BEFOREAFTER with website

Here are some of the main steps to challenge your image and appearance today:

  • Hair style; this includes the colour and hair cut that suits your face shape.
  • Makeup that enhances your features and even your skin tone is really good practice. If you don’t know how to apply makeup, or you haven’t changed your makeup in a while, I recommend you take a makeup one-on-one workshop with Aleksandra from Unveil the Beauty at Adelaide Central Plaza’s Style Lounge.
  • What colours suit you best; colours have such a big effect on our image that it is worth investing time and understanding more about it. The wrong colours can make you look older, heavier and tired. On the other hand, the right colours for you will make you look healthier, younger, slimmer and brighter.
  • Dress to flatter your body shape; this is about learning how to wear patterns, what type of fabric, lengths, necklines and cuts  create the most flattering looks and the illusion of perfect proportions not matter your size.
  • Understand your personality; once you’ve understood the basics of styling mentioned above, you may start to notice that, sometimes, even when a particular outfit suits you, fits well and the colour is right you still don’t feel great. In many cases it’s because we are not reflecting our personality in our style choices and in the way we put together our outfits.
  • De-clutter your wardrobe, organise it and shop to fill the gaps; the place to reinvent your style is in your wardrobe. Identify the outfits you love and try to work out why. How do those outfits make you feel? The aim is to only have garments that flatter your body shape and make you look fabulous and then shop for those pieces you are lacking.

When you start defining your personal style you will project your inner self with confidence and look fantastic every day. Are you ready to start your style journey?

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