Embrace new things into your life: colours

For those of you who have known me for some time now, you may have noticed that I love a touch of colours in my outfits and that’s something I appreciate in someone else’s outfit. So I’m going take this topic toa deeper level. So I’d love you to follow me on this. I believe that if nature has given us some many choices of food, fruits, places to visit, music to listen and colours to use or wear why embrace them. Even though you may not like all of the choices up there, without trying or without exploring new possibilities you will never know how good they can or the positive impact they can have in your life.

Vesna & Colours

And this is exactly how I felt after my dear friend and coworker Aleksandra Pinneri created with a new makeup look and added lots of accessories. Yes, I felt totally out of my comfort zone and yes I’m looking very colourful here. So we took this colour combination to an extreme. We combined different shades and hues all around my face. This is not a look that I currently would feel comfortable with, however the exercise was about getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new colours on my skin and eyes.

The result was incredible…..I couldn’t believe how bright and hazelnut my eyes looked with the blue eye shadow. Normally my eyes look quite dark and less vibrant. The other thing that I noticed by wearing these accessories and having this bight make up look was how uncomfortable I felt initially but then how I started to embrace this look and how much fun and freedom I experienced at the end of the photo-shoot.

Vesna & Colours 2.jpeg

So my intention with this blog is about encouraging you to LET GO of all of the internal limitations and judgement about wearing something different, bright or the idea of standing out. We were born to shine in this world, so try something new today, embrace it and have fun. And please let me know how you did you go. Thank you!!

Till next time,

Vesna xx

P.S. Special thank you to Aleksandra from Unveil the Beauty for your make up and support, thank you  Make up by TJ for the photos and Serafina Boutique for the jewellery. You made this possible!! xx

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