Honing Your Personal Style

Fashion fades

Style is all about making a statement, reflecting your personality through fashion, and exuding your confidence to the world. It’s a means of self-expression – enabling us to show the world who we are, how we feel, and who we’d like to become.

The clothes you wear each day play a major role in your life. Style can make you feel comfortable both physically and psychologically. It’s also what other people see when making a first impression. While fashion trends are constantly on the move, there’s no denying the importance of style.

Imagine for a moment a world where everyone dressed the same. Where personal style was absent and a tasteful color palette was obsolete. Style is what makes you, you. Your wardrobe is your personal style of art, combining various aspects of your lifestyle and personality, your inspirations and interests, and your aspirations. Style allows you to display them to the world. Style = Individuality. Connecting with your inner fashion persona will not only help you improve your outside appearance, but also allow you to radiate your confidence to those around you.

It’s important not to confuse style and fashion, because while the two interlock in some areas, they mean two entirely different things. From your signature pearls to your favorite worn out jeans, personal style is something that cannot be faked or replicated. As in the wise words spoken by Coco Chanel, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.”

Everyone has their own unique sense of style and what some may consider “fashionable,” others would deem a fashion disaster. If you’ve lost your sense of style  or would like to re-energise your current style, we could work together. Let me guide on this journey through a personal style consultation, a wardrobe makeover or a personal shopping trip.

Give me a call on 0434 225 476 or email at info@vesnapersonalstylist.com.au to discuss what option would suit you.

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