How are you showing up everyday?

Woody Allen once said that 80% of success is about simply showing up. I agree, but it’s also “showing up well”. In practical terms, to look, sound and communicate your best, it takes time, commitment and dedication. Yes. I get it! This sounds like a lot of work. You’re right.

Showing up well, particularly when it comes to your personal style, it requires getting to know who you are and dressing to bring the best version of yourself. So, to “show up well” you need to love yourself, accept who you are and give permission and time to look after you. i.e. a simple grooming routine to start the day, refreshing your wardrobe regularly, exploring new colours, dressing to highlight your best bitts, and to flatter your body, etc.

Showing up well is not different than learning a new skill or a new language. But once you become better and better at “Showing up well”, the strength of your presence and of your confidence will allow you to shine and start the day with a much more empowering attitude.

Aweber Photo Showing up

Photo source: aWeber

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