Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside

I’ve been reading about how clothes, accessories and even make up can boost your mood and increase your confidence. This is really what my job is all about. It’s about giving women and giving you the tools, strategies and information to become a wiser shopper, make your wardrobe work for you, get more confident when it comes to mixing and matching and accessorising and ultimately dress with confidence and feel great about yourself.

There are a lot of studies which have found that when women feel good about their appearance, their confidence levels increase. Also, in a recent online survey by About.com, more than 75 per cent of women said when they look good on the outside; they feel good on the inside. Think about those times when you decided to wear a new lipstick, a bright statement necklace or a trendy gorgeous dress you which made you feel excited and energised. Then you received a compliment from a friend or work colleague which brought positive energy into your life.

Clothes and your mood

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I’ve recently read some interesting information from a lead researcher from the University of Queensland, Dr Alastair Tombs,…….”We demand many things from clothing. Quite a few people talked about using clothes to change their mood. If they get up and aren’t feeling great, they would put on something that would brighten them up. On other occasions they use clothes to mask their emotions. It didn’t brighten their mood, but it would give them the appearance of being bright and airy, even if that is not how they actually feel.”

That’s why I recommend to you that on those days that you wake up and don’t feel good or energetic try to dress as if you are feeling great. At the end of the day, dressing is an attitude and wearing an outfit that brightens you up is going to help you the face the day with a much more positive approach.

And even though I’m a strong believer that our beauty and confidence come from the inside out, by changing something from the outside in, you can get the inspiration to work from the inside.

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