Vesna’s Style Goals (Autumn-Winter 2013)

Based on the article blog from last week “Setting your Style Goals”, I thought to share with you my own list of goals for Autumn-Winter 2013 and for the rest of the year…….

 Vesna goal - print mixing


  • To combine my favourite style types, Modern Classic, Sporty natural and Creative into an attractive and harmonious style
  • To wear simple outfits that are crisp, clean, modern and bold
  • To add even more colour to my wardrobe
  • To  buy a black leather handbag
  • To continue exploring the world of dresses
  • Experimenting with belts and hosiery
  • Trying pattern mixing
  • Keeping my wardrobe tidy all the time
  • To find a pair of tan knee length boots
  • To buy a warm (wool based) winter coat in khaki/beige colour
  • Organizing and displaying my jewellery in only one area of my bedroom in a way that I can see every single piece


Now that I’ve written my own “style goals”, they will be in the back of my mind, assisting me with my wardrobe purchasing decisions and daily outfit combinations. Not only but, actually, it feels great to transfer all the ideas that I had floating in my mind into a piece of paper…….. And good luck to you too if you made any goals or resolutions whether they be fashion related or not!


What do you think?

  • I love that outfit. Where in the world can I get an outfit like that? I am in America so if you can help me that would be awesome. I love to feel comfortable and other cultures tend to offer much better comfy work clothes than they do here.

    • Hi Tameka,
      Thanks for your enquiry. When you find a style that you like, start doing some search online. i.e silk, patterned blouse. Get familiar with the brands and shops that cater the type of fabric or styles that you feel attracted to. Pinterest is great platform to use as a research tool. Hope this Also, remember that you can always buy online from other countries as well. Hope this help. Regards. Vesna

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