About the book

‘Dear Confidence’ was written to inspire and encourage women to show up in the world, feeling more beautiful, authentic and more confident than ever before. It doesn’t matter what body size, age or financial situation they may be in, confidence can be unleashed in every woman from within.

This book started off as my own personal journal. In 2001, I felt so empowered and ready to travel to the other side of the world, that my husband and I moved from Argentina to Australia. However, not long after we arrived, I started to experience feelings and emotions which were far from strong and confident. One thing I struggled with was that I wanted to blend in and not have an accent anymore. I started to reject my voice which then led to to rejecting my very own identity.

I lost touch with my inner beauty and femininity. I kept hiding how I was feeling which made me lose my personal power and as a result, brought me health challenges. I looked fine from the outside but on the inside I didn’t feel confident in my own skin or comfortable with my own presence.

All of these experiences birthed this desire in me to not only find my confidence but also help others with theirs. I then decided to turn my own journal into this very book, and really help women on their journey to confidence through their wardrobes.


This book is for you if:

  • You feel uninspired by your clothes
  • You don’t know if your clothes suit your body
  • You’ve been putting yourself last when it comes to expressing your personality through your clothes, colours and accessories
  • Feel self-conscious about your body
  • You’re critical of what you look like
  • You’ve given up on your secret dreams and aspirations
  • You don’t have clothes that you love and feel good in
  • Feel underdressed and lack confidence in what you choose
  • You’re willing, not only to re-gain your confidence, but also to embark on a journey of self-love, self-acceptance and appreciation that we are mind-body-spirit
  • Feel bored and struggle to being creative with clothes
  • Your wardrobe is outdated, bland and not suited to your lifestyle

Table of Contents

A Big Dream

My big dream is to see every single woman embark on a journey of self-discovery, confidence, personal power, beauty and femininity. I’d like women to feel liberated when dressing, shopping and accessorising. Wouldn’t it be great for every woman to feel confident in her own skin!

When we liberate ourselves and start to feel confident from the inside out, we indirectly give permission to other women to liberate themselves.

But many of us have lost our personal power and confidence…

We are pushed and pulled in so many directions when it comes to our appearance. Many of us are confused and filled with self-doubt. Marketers are paid big money to create insecurity in the public so that we end up spending, spending, spending and feeling that we are never enough.

It is time to stop that cycle and take your power back.

Confidence is a muscle that we can strengthen and personal style lies within each of us. So let me take you on an adventurous trip to discover how to tap into your personal style and strengthen your confidence muscle.

  • Wardrobe Overhaul

  • Shopping Trip

  • Style Party