Unleash Your Personal Style

Unleash Your Personal Style

1:1 Online Styling Session



What is Personal Style?


Personal style is about dressing in a way that authentically represents you which allows your personality to confidently SHINE through your clothes.

Personal style means that no matter what your weight, size or body shape is, you can feel great in your own skin.

Most of us don’t know who we are when dressing.  We keep wasting money on new clothes without knowing what we already have and how best to use them.

We keep buying into the hope that new clothes will make us feel good. But how long does it ‘feel good’ for, after we have walked through the checkout with a so called bargain? My guess is, not long.

Personal style is about identifying what resonates with You when it comes to:


  • Type of fabrics
  • Type of textures
  • Type of prints
  • Garment details
  • Types of accessories
  • Colours
  • Clothing Personality
  • And also learning how to bring balance to Your body shape

Once you know your personal style, you have the skills for life!


Why is Personal Style important?


  • Clarity – no more guessing with what to wear and what to buy
  • Direction – no more confusing window shopping
  • Sense of Purpose – you feel a deeper sense of confidence
  • Power – you no longer are a victim to fashion trends and ‘special sales’ or worry about what others will think about your looks
  • Sense of freedom – you understand how to dress for yourself and liberate from comparisons
  • Self-Expression –  you feel that is fun to choose clothes and accessories to express what’s unique about you


Why many of us don’t know our Personal Style


We have all been influenced by our parents, family, the media, fashion trends, our lifestyle, our health, education, society, culture, and the list goes on and on.

Most of these influencers have made an impact on shaping us into who we are today, what we think, how we look and even how we feel about ourselves.

So, it’s not surprising, that when we reach a certain age or experience new circumstances such as:

Weight change, having kids, changing jobs, feeling more mature, going through a divorce..

That the way we feel about ourselves and the way we look has just happened by default. It wasn’t our choice. We were essentially manipulated gradually and unknowingly by the life factors mentioned above.

Women are pushed and pulled in so many directions when it comes to their appearance. No wonder we are confused and filled with self-doubt. Marketers are paid big money to create insecurity in the public so that they end up spending, spending, spending.


It is time to stop that cycle and take your power back


Personal style lies within each of us and I am here to help you discover how to tap into it now.



An ‘Unleash your Personal Style’ Session IS for you if:


  • You feel uninspired by your clothes
  • You don’t know if your clothes suit your body shape
  • Feel self-conscious about your body
  • You’re critical of what you look like
  • You think you look frumpy in what you wear
  • You don’t have clothes that you love and feel good in
  • Feel underdressed and lack confidence in what you choose
  • Feel bored and struggle to being creative with clothes
  • Your wardrobe is outdated, bland and not suited to your lifestyle
  • You wear the same clothes all the time
  • You have no idea of what would be your ideal style
  • You think your current style is boring, ordinary and dull
  • Keep buying pieces which look good on the model but not good on you


After your  ‘Unleash your Personal Style’ Session you WILL:


  • Know how to align your image with who you are, your personality, your soul and your true essence
  • Experience how powerful it will be to embark on an adventure of self-discovery
  • Have a better understanding of how to take control of fashion trends
  • Learn to embrace who you are
  • Have the ability to quickly and easily use patterns, clothing details, colours, type of fabrics or style of clothes to emphasize what you like
  • Have fun again with clothes
  • Have confidence when shopping
  • Feel empowered by your wardrobe
  • Know how to save money when shopping
  • Never be afraid of a dressing room mirror again
  • Be able to showcase your brand with confidence
  • Discover which fashion shops suit your personality
  • Have ONGOING SUPPORT in our Facebook Group Community


How does an ‘Unleash your Personal Style’ Session work?


  • You will receive a questionnaire to fill out and a exercise to do beforehand to make sure that you get the most out of your session and that I can be more prepared to serve you.


  • A 90 min Online chat and styling class over zoom (mindset component and practical component). During this session I’ll screen share some photos & illustrations to make this chat as practical as possible. This session will be recorded and you’ll be able to watch and listen to the whole session as many times as you want


  • You will get  “Your Personal Style Unleashed” blueprint, tailored specifically for you, with steps and actions for you to take after the call and with a list of brands where to shop.


  • You’ll become part of a Facebook private community to share your journey and celebrate your successes along the way. Inside this community I will be there to support you with a weekly Q & A session. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback


1:1 Online Styling Session

‘Unleash your Personal Style’

 ONLY $247


My commitment

To virtually and energetically have your back and support you before, during and after this session, to run this session with you with an open heart and judgement-free and to cheer you up while you’re allowing your style to unfold.

Your commitment

Approach this session as if today was the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Approach this session with a sense of adventure, self-love and allowing time for yourself. If nothing changes in your everyday routine and you don’t give yourself an extra five-ten minutes per day to start strengthening your personal style, what you’re about to learn won’t make much difference in your life.

Expected time you will need before/during/after the session: 4 hours


What women have to say about “Unleash Your Personal Style” session….


“I had an Unleash your personal style session with Vesna and it was just the most AWESOME experience! she is caring, wonderful and so knowledgeable. The session allowed me to put together what my soul was craving to express; my true sense of style! Vesna showed me how to be more compassionate towards myself and not just put outfits together. She digs deep inside to bring out your true beauty. Thanks Vesna you are a true gem!” Angela Fogarty-Mendez from www.angelafogarty.com

“I did a personal style session with Vesna Cavic this week and it was truly amazing.
I’m no longer confused about expressing my personality through what I wear. I’m stepping into it with confidence. A big thank you for being patient and understanding with all my questions!
I had 3 events on this weekend including a wedding and I dressed confidently AND quickly. It was nice being able to love what I chose to wear, from my existing wardrobe, without 99 outfit changes” Delisse Lazzara from www.delisselazzara.com.au


  • Wardrobe Overhaul

  • Shopping Trip

  • Style Party