Online Program

I’d love to have a group of passionate, authentic and soulful women to join

“Your Soulful Style & Brand” 3rd Round

This will be an exciting and practical journey and we will walk it together!



If you:

  • Feel fashion makes you feel discouraged
  • Wear the same combination of clothes all the time
  • Have lots of clothes you can’t wear because they don’t go with anything or don’t fit
  • Feel frumpy in most of the clothes you wear,
  • Feel that “Personal Style & Brand” will mean “having to look like someone else”
  • Don’t know how to finish off a look with accessories,
  • Feel your style is boring and bland
  • Feel that you will need lots of money to create a happy, versatile and authentic wardrobe
  • Are tired of covering your body with unflattering or dull-coloured clothes


  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • A sense of liberation, self-expression and excitement when dressing everyday
  • A new fresh attitude towards your wardrobe, your body, your clothes and shopping
  • A soulful signature style that reflects who you are on the inside
  • A visually attractive and authentic style & brand that makes you unique, memorable and that magnetises more of your ideal clients! Because YOU are your brand
  • A deep sense of joy in investing in yourself and in your brand
  • Control over your fashion purchases – Save money and time by planning your next shopping trips with purpose


  • Create a colour palette that consistently serves you and your brand – shining your light in person, in camera, Facebook lives, you name them!
  • Dress to express your unique essence, personality and your brand values for every occasion! From networking events to working from home/ office
  • Achieve an outer style that matches your inner style
  • Revamp  & Refresh your wardrobe on a budget
  • Create flattering looks for your unique body shape


A weekly pre-recorded Video Tutorial

Downloadable play-books

Weekly Live Group Online Sessions to answers all of your questions and to make sure you stay on track for the entire program (all sessions will be recorded)

Unlimited Email access to me during the length of the program

Access a loving & supportive community to grow and practice confidence, style, self-expression & personal brand

Get a copy of Dear Confidence Ebook

Access all updates and added material for the life of “Your Soulful Style & Brand

          Kosal Lee from Mummy Mindset Mastery 

                Victoria Ashdown

            Sarah Darbyshire from Photography by Sara D…

  • Wardrobe Overhaul

  • Shopping Trip

  • Style Party