What colours bring out the best in you?

Cool vs Warm colours: Featuring Red today

Red is one of my favourite colours and it reminds me of Christmas. The other day I was doing a pre-shop for a client and I came across this gorgeous lace top from Alannah Hill and I fell in love with it. The shade (warm red) of this top really complimented my skin complexion and made me look bubbly, full of live and even my skin glowed. That’s exactly the effect that you get when you wear a colour than flatters your skin. You will even find that your eyes will pop and your teeth will shine. While the wrong colours, on the other side, you will make look tired, flat and sick.

photo warm red vs cool red

In this photo you can see a “warm red” which is an orangy red versus a “cool red” which is a purplish/bluey red. Don’t underestimate the impact that colours can have on your outfit and general looks. It may be even the colour choice which can give you that feeling of “what’s wrong with this outfit?”, or “I like this garment but I don’t feel fabulous”……….

Do you know which colours compliment your skin tone? Let me help you to colour your style and get the confidence to express yourself…….

What do you think?

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