Buying a Woman’s Suit

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Many women turn to a suit to appear both professional and polished. Whether you prefer a chic pantsuit, formal suit or classic Armani, a well-made suit with the correct fit can be extremely flattering on the female figure. Finding the perfect suit consists of obtaining the perfect fabric, fit, design and cost to meet your budget.




Smart Suit Buying Tips

  • When it comes to suit buying, don’t hesitate to splurge a little. Better quality suits will likely last longer and look better than cheaper options.
  • Stick with a neutral color. This will give you more chances to mix and match for a variety of special occasions.
  • To give the illusion of a slimmer figure, opt for a solid medium-to-dark colored suit or one with a subtle pattern.
  • Pinstripes and vertical stripes can also make you appear slimmer and taller. For a more businesslike feel, choose a suit with finer stripes.
  • Jackets should have some contour to show off a woman’s natural shape. Single-breasted jackets are also more slimming.

A quality woman’s suit can run you upwards of $250 to $400. For optimal comfort, try for an all-season fabric, such as 100 percent worsted wool. While a matching suit set is idea, a casual jacket, pant and skirt can be interchangeable. To make mixing and matching simple, stick with neutral shades like gray, navy and black.

Try on the suit before you buy. Your suit should be comfortable and allow your arms free range. The sleeves should extend to the wrist bone, while the shoulders should be approximately one inch wider than your shoulder bone. Closely examine the construction of the suit, ensuring that zippers lie flat, hems are straight and buttons are even. Choose a design that best flatters your body shape and reflects your personal style.

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