Guide to Shoes – Comfort Meets Style

Comfortable shoes



An outfit is nothing without a great pair of shoes to pull the look together. The shoes you wear also impact your overall look, including the shape and length of your legs. It’s not always easy to find comfortable shoes that don’t compromise your individual style.

Combining Comfort and Style

Everyone knows that when it comes to shoes, comfort is a huge factor. Don’t always rely on size charts to find the perfect shoe, as every manufacturer, shoe and foot is different. Consider your ensemble as a whole when considering matching shoes.

Your legs also play a vital role in what type of shoe look and fit best. Women with long, toned legs can pull off those high vamp boots and shoes, teamed up with opaque hosiery. If you opt for an open toe shoe, ensure that the hosiery is as sheer as possible. If you want to make thick ankles appear slimmer, avoid thick soles and heavy-stacked heels and instead try a medium-to-thin sole with light to classic stacked heels.

Stiletto heels (a long, thin, high heel) can be uncomfortable and can cause an unsteady gait. Therefore, they should be avoided by women with heavier lower legs to eliminate this danger. Shorter women should also be careful not to emphasize their height by wearing ankle strap or vamp style shoes that can make them appear even shorter. Height can be visually increased by boosting the heel height. The higher the heel, the more defined and toned your calf muscles will look.

Overall, it’s important to consider your physical proportions when selecting shoes. Your shoe choice should be comfortable, yet stylish – without sacrificing either.

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