Savvy Shopping Strategies

Savvy Shopping photoDon’t settle when it comes to your appearance. Shopping can be an invigorating experience that gives your fashion sense a boost while updating your wardrobe. Even the best of has suffered from a fashion faux pas. Learn how to avoid these fashion mishaps by following some simple, yet essential shopping strategies.

1. Set a clear budget on how much you want to spend before setting foot inside the store. Prepare a list of what items you want to purchase to avoid impulse buying.

2. Maintain versatility in your wardrobe by limiting your separates to two or three basic colours.

3. Avoid buying items just because they are currently “trendy”, as these trends are here today and gone tomorrow.

4. It is okay to splurge a little on coats and shoes. These items are generally worn daily and should be of the highest quality you can afford.

5. Purchase clothing that is the right size for your body and shape. Avoid purchasing items that you hope to fit into after shedding a few kilos.

6. Accessories are your friend – so don’t skip on the jewelry, scarves and handbags. These can easily dress up or down any outfit.

7. Plan in advance when you need to buy an expensive item. This will allow additional time to compare different garments to find the best option.

8. Consider if the garment is an investment or too expensive. While a quality coat that will last you years is an investment, a dress that needs constant dry cleaning isn’t.

9. Don’t go into debt trying to achieve the perfect wardrobe. This is never a good idea.

10. When in doubt, don’t buy it. You’ll be patting yourself on the back when you get home with a pocket full of cash.


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