You can break those unhealthy Shopping Habits – PART 1

Let’s face it, majority of women don’t know much about their body shapes, body proportions, colours that suit their skin and not to mention strategies to update their wardrobes. So how can we expect  to be wise shoppers when it comes clothes and accessories. Consequently a lot of unhealthy shopping habits are developed during our life.

This is a hot topic because apart from the challenges mentioned above, most of us are immersed in a society of high consumption and get easily influenced by the impact of fast fashion.

According to a market research done by IBIS World, Fast Fashion is about fashion firms providing the latest fashion styles at affordable prices. Fast fashion retailers typically take trends from runway shows and deliver new collections for mass consumption on a frequent basis. These operators have short production and distribution lead times, which enables them to adapt their product range to current and emerging trends in as little as two weeks.

Weak consumer sentiment and subdued disposable income growth over the past five years have prompted many consumers to look for cheaper clothing alternatives. This has contributed significantly to the popularity of fast fashion stores, due to their ability to offer low prices while constantly updating product ranges with new styles and designs.

So we end buying more, wearing less,  and start experiencing a lot of frustration and disappointment during our shopping trips.

I’ve put together below a list of the most common unhealthy shopping habits that I see a lot of women going through.

Try to keep up with latest trends, street style stars, models, fashion bloggers, magazine editors, friends, etc without considering what suits your body shape, personality and lifestyle.

How to break it: remember that fashion is about the mass is a not about the individual so it pays off to learn about your body shape, body proportions, your colours and what suits your lifestyle and personality. A personal stylist would be the best person to teach you about these topics.

Impulse buying

How to break it: when you feel that urge to buy that particular item, you need to get distracted, leave the shop, go for a walk, stop for a coffee and read something that interests you or ring a friend. Generally the feeling of wanted to buy right now that piece you saw fades away.

 Shop when I’m bored

How to break it: replace that feeling with an activity that will bring you a sense of fulfilment. i.e. if you’re shopping online because you’re bored, leave that online retailer website, search for a charity organisation that is doing something that inspires you and donate some money.

 Shop without planning

How to break it: when we go to the shops without purpose or buying for the sake of wearing something new, we end getting pieces that may not go with anything in your wardrobe or things that you don’t need and only wear it once a year. So, I’d recommend you culling your wardrobe every season and find out if there any gaps that needs to be filled. Based on those gaps you may have identified you can create a shopping list of suggested times to buy on your next shopping trips.

Sacrifice real-life stuff for fashion

How to break it: if your food, education or health gets at the bottom of the list when it comes to how you invest your money and fashion becomes your priority, it’s time to change it! Putting some cash on the side and committing to only paying for those fashion items with that cash could be a way to upgrade this habit. If you know that this won’t happen please give permission to yourself to ask for help.

We all make mistakes and buy things that then we regret or that we don’t feel comfortable or confident wearing. I’m not exempted from those mistakes, but they tend to happen less often. Mistakes are ok as long as they don’t become a habit. If we get aware of them and take some actions to upgrade them for empowering habits you will automatically boost your confidence.

In the next article I’m going to share with you some more of these disempowering shopping habits. In the meantime if you have any that you’d like to share with me please do it.

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