How to choose the right fascinator

Wearing a fascinator can really change the look and feel of your outfit. As a general guideline, remember that a fascinator should work with your whole outfit and your overall look, including your hair style.

I have put together some top tips to consider when choosing this glamorous accessory to accompany your next spring racing outfit:

1) Before choosing a fascinator decide on the outfit that you will wear such as clothing, shoes, and jewellery.  Pay attention to the colours, shapes, patterns, textures.

2) Create some balance with the rest of the accessories like shoes, handbags and jewellery. i.e. match silver jewellery with silver metallic accents in your fascinators or if your clothing is busy in terms of patterns and textures keep your fascinator simple, smooth and in one or two colours.

3) Long dresses look better with larger fascinators unless you opt for a small fascinator with large feathers or other trimming.

4) Avoid matching the colour of your clothing to the colour of the fascinator; instead opt for a hue that compliments your clothing to make sure that the fascinator doesn’t get lost in the outfit.

fascinator 3

 5) Keep in mind the colour of your shoes or clutch when deciding the colour of your fascinator.

6) As a general rule of thumb, pastel coloured fascinators compliment outfits in softer and neutral shades while fascinators in bright colours can look better with a bright coloured outfit.

7) Fascinators and face shape

Round faces: try an asymmetrical-style fascinator or angle your fascinator on your head.

Square faces: Your fascinator is best worn on the side. Try something with curves to soften up your face shape.

Narrow faces: try fascinators that provide width and opt for full brims or features.

8) Take into consideration your body frame. i.e. If you are petite avoid a massive fascinator because that will look very overwhelming on you.

Choosing the perfect fascinator is not an easy task because of the plethora of choices and also because it’s an accessory that we generally don’t experiment much with. So, I hope these tips gave you some guidance when shopping for a fascinator. At the end of the day you also have to be guided by your personality and wear something that you will feel comfortable in.

Have you recently bought a fascinator? How was that experience? I’d love to hear from you……..

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