Is this look for you? Pattern and Texture Mixing

Pattern mixingMany women tend to shy away from mixing patterns and textures. Instead of embracing this growing trend seen in both high-end boutiques and on the fashion runways, women tend to steer clear of garments that may seem gaudy on their own. While mixing patterns and textures may be a bit challenging, the right combinations can provide you with a fashion forward style that’s all your own.

Maintain Color Scheme

Patterns should share a corresponding color scheme. For example, if your floral blouse is ivory, coral and blue, your skirt should also contain bits of ivory, coral and/or blue or anything similar (Same colour but different shade)

Break It Up

When mixing patterns and textures, you can’t go wrong when you break it up with a solid color. Whether it’s with a jacket or wide belt, solids give an outfit more balance.

Don’t Over-Match

Fashion is not confined to certain rules. There’s no need to wear the same pattern from head-to-toe. Keep your outfits fresh by switching up colors and textures for a new look.

Add in Neutrals

Neutrals are the perfect way to visually space out two or more patterns. This can be done with other articles of clothing or with shoes, stockings or other accessories.

Combine Big and Small

When combining patterns of different densities and sizes, it’s important to balance your outfit. Therefore, try mixing larger with smaller prints and dense with sparse prints.

Think Flattering

Some patterns simply mesh well with certain other patterns. Choose patterns and colors that complement one another, such as floral and stripes or leopard print and stripes.


You can use rules when mixing patterns and with a little practice and confidence, anyone can pull the look. Mixing patterns and textures within your outfit can be visually stimulating for the eye, but in a refined way and gives you the chance to show your daring side. Would you dare……?


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