What is Street Fashion or Street Style?

Have you heard this term before? It took me some time to understand its meaning…

According to Wikipedia, “Street Fashion is an expression used to describe Fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots. Street Fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centres. Japanese street Fashion sustains multiple simultaneous highly diverse Fashion movements at any given time.”

street style London

It can be extremely inspiring to watch people on the street and see how they dress from day-to-day. At this stage, much of my outfit inspirations come from photos that I see in newspapers and magazines. However, I know that one day in the near future I will travel to the fashion capitals of the world – Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, London, and Paris – and physically walk the streets to become inspired by authentic street style.

When you see a stranger walking down the street, what is it about his or her outfit that catches your eye? Is it one or more of the categories below?

Personalized Style – This is a type of look that represents a personal fashion persona that is different than your own. This person is an inspiration for putting together an ensemble that is very well-executed.

Great Details – Is there a certain element that draws you to the outfit? From the perfect way her skirt drapes to a stunning haircut or a statement-making necklace.

Aspiring Palette – Sometimes it’s not the clothes a person wears, but the colors. Various color combinations can really make an outfit spectacular.

Small Tweaks – You may simply adore the outfit but feel with just one small tweak, it would totally be for you.

Want It/Need It – Are you simply in the “I want it, I need it” phase when you want to steal the look – from head to toe.

Do you use street style photos to inspire your own individual look? Have you noticed patterns in modern day street fashion? When you’re out on the street, take a look around and allow other people’s unique style to inspire your own.

Photo Source: pinterest.com

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