White Colour in Winter? Yes!

Jeans, grey jumper animalprint and white accessories


Here I’m getting back home on a¬†beautiful sunny winter day in Adelaide. My daughter joined me during this mini photo-shoot session and wanted to pose next to me. My boy is the one who took the photo. After taking these pics, he said: mum “Can I have now some money for this job? We a have mini-entrepreneur at home. That’s for sure.

I love this wool thin jumper because it¬†keeps me warm without feeling bulky which I wore it with blue jeans. I teamed them up with an animal print jacket which lightens up the grey colour of the jumper and I finished the outfit with white accessories, like the handbag, bracelet and earrings to add that touch of colour while keeping the neutral shades blended. By the way, white has become a popular colour in the last winters, so it’s not longer associated with a summer colour.

Did this outfit inspire you? If so, please share your comments below and tell me why. Thank you!! xx

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