How to Get Out of your Style Rut

After having kids and not knowing much about myself I got stuck in a style rut. It wasn’t that hard to get out of that disempowering state.¬†By exploring the following areas I become more confident and empowered and gradually I got my style mojo back:

=> Learning about myself (body shape, proportions and personality)

=> Understanding my colours

=> De-cluttering/ Refreshing my wardrobe

Recognising that you are in a style rut is the first step to climbing your way out of it. Then it’s about prioritising yourself to the top of your list (even if it’s 5 minutes a day) and allowing yourself some exploration time in regards to who you are, what you like/dislike, value and appreciate in clothes, and then put into practice some new tips you pick along the way.

B watching this video (click picture above) and practising¬†the tips I share here, you can too get your style mojo back. And remember that I’m here to support you, so any questions please ASK!



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