Practical and effortless tips on layering your outfit

Layering can be a fun and an accessible tool you can utilise at any time (considering the weather is not too hot) to add life to your clothes, create optical styling tips and change your looks.

The 3 things to consider when layering that I discuss in this video are:

  • Make those layers visible and obvious
  • Play with the different lengths of your clothes
  • Play with finishing details (i.e. picking the collar of your shirt out)

If you’re heavy in the top part of your body; keep layers to minimal (2 layers), layer with thing fabrics and fine jewellery or scarves and introduce layers to the bottom part of your body (i.e. play with the length of your top and add a long-maxi cardigan).

I’d love you to give these tips a go and please let me know how you go.

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Vesna xxx

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