Working as a Personal Stylist – Penelope Hebert’s Radio Show

I’ve recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the beautiful Penelope Herbert from the Radio Fashion + Home Show – 88.9FM Hills radio.

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As soon as the interview started I felt so comfortable in the presence of Penelope. Her warm smile and interviewing style made feel I was talking to a friend.

This interview made me think a lot about what I do as a personal stylist and how close this profession is to my heart. I felt quite privileged to share my background, my work’s insights and some fashion tips with Penelope’s audience and now with you.

One of the things we touched based during this conversation was about that moment when you can’t longer ignore that call, which is about pursuing your passions. As Wayne Dyer would say “don’t die with your music still inside you”.

Click the following links  to watch this interview: Part 1 and Part 2

Enjoy this conversation

Vesna xx


Talk to you soon

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