Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox – Outfit Idea 6 & 7

For those of you who have been following Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox articles, you may have been starting to appreciate the difference that the right style and shape of clothing, length of tops and bottoms, necklines and accessories can make on someone’s body shape. In few words, with the right styling you can play optical illusions which can make you look taller, slimmer, younger, etc.

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As a personal stylist, I’m a big believer that by wearing outfits that flatter your body shape combined with the colours that compliment your skin you can start feeling and looking great. Also, I believe that our body curves, whether voluminous or not, are meant to be highlighted rather than hidden. Think about fashion in the 1940s and 1950s when, not matter the body size, women used to wear fitted and tailored clothing. Nowadays, fashion is very open and every season brings a bit of everything.  I’ve been finding difficult to create a flattering look when it comes to the boxy, shapeless and masculine styles of tops, jackets and dresses which are getting more popular in the stores nowadays.















So, in the photo below, Aleksandra is wearing two different tops. As you can see the fit and shape of them are very different which create the illusion of a shorter and heavier silhouette (outfit 6) versus a taller and leaner figure (outfit 7). Would you agree?

Outfit Idea 6 & 7 Collage with wording

















The main differences with the tops are:

  • Wide boxy style of top versus a fitted blouse or shirt
  • Wide long sleeves versus slim rolled-up sleeves
  • High round neck versus button up shirt (un-buttoned at the top to create an open neckline)

Are you spotting the differences and the impact that they have on Aleksandra’s body shape? I’d love to hear your comments. Please write your thoughts below

What do you think?

  • Kerryn hampton

    fantastic example of what a difference a few styling ideas can make. I too am on the shorter side and am finding it a challenge this winter to find tops which help to elongate me. This comparison is a good reminder to me to stay true to my body shape and not be sucked in by the latest trend.

    • Thanks Kerryn for your comment and for input. Staying true to your body shape it’s about embracing who you are as an individual while getting sucked in by the latest trends it’s about the mass. I look forward to keep connecting with you. Vesna x

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