A mixable & matchable wardrobe

Does the concept of mixing & matching what you have in your wardrobe sound unattainable?

It doesn’t matter how large or organised your wardrobe is, if the pieces you own don’t communicate and work with each other, you will never be able to create a mixable & matchable wardrobe.  In order to make it happen, you would need to work on the foundation of your wardrobe/outfits and the accent & pop pieces.

  Casual Outfit 2 with wordingOutfit created at the end of a personal shopping trip session

The Base or your staples

The base is the foundation of an outfit and where you begin.  These pieces can be a suit, a pair of pants, a dress or a pair of jeans.  Generally, these pieces are timeless and classic and often neutral in colour. They are your base because they can easily be added to.  It’s important to keep in mind with mix-and-match fashion is variety.  You don’t need three pair of black pants, for example.  If you have one, you can move on and add other colours.  A lack of variety I personally think is one of the reasons I find women are struggling to mix and match and feel like they have nothing to wear.

The Accent

 Accent pieces are what you will wear with your base pieces and they are usually tops, cardigans and layering pieces that you can wear underneath your suits, jackets and cardigans.  Like your base pieces, you need variety.  While your base pieces are typically heavy in neutrals, your accents can be a mix of colours, neutral hues and patterns.

The Pop or Wow

 If you’re lacking that pop or wow factor in your outfits you might be feeling bored with your current looks. Pop pieces are jewellery, scarves, belts, shoes, hats, handbags and those small details that add interest to your outfits and give them a trendy touch.

Taking time to create outfits is essential because it allows you to see what you may be missing in your wardrobe and it will also help you become more purposeful with your shopping.  An outfit session is always part of my full consultations with clients.  Each outfit gets captured with a photo and then they receive the photos to add them into their Style Journey Folder. So they can refer back to them anytime and get the maximum use out of what they own.

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