Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox – Outfit Idea 1

I’m very exciting to share with you Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox journey. Aleksandra is a friend of mine and a very talented make-up artist. She is the director of Unveil the Beauty and we work together at Adelaide Central Plaza’s Style Lounge where we empower women to feel and look their best!

Aleksandra has been wanted to do a wardrobe makeover for a while and even though she has a really good knowledge and sense of fashion she still faces some frustrations in her wardrobe. She said to me: “I’d like to know how to choose the right top to be versatile in my wardrobe and how to pair it up with my bottoms”.  So I decided to start detoxing Aleksandra’s wardrobe by getting rid of items that don’t flatter her silhouette. Then, Aleksandra came up with this idea of capturing the “unflattering – NO & flattering YES” looks by taking photos and sharing them with you so you can also learn and get some inspiration along the way.

So here is the 1st Outfit idea or combo that we put together. So, find out below why these outfits bring to Aleksandra’s bodyshape, body frame & proportions different results.

Outfit Idea 1 – Potential Scenario: Casual midday lunch with friends

Outfit Idea 1

Left Outfit: the soft A-line skirt (which is the shape of the skirt) & the length (just below knee) make Aleksandra look a bit frumpier and shorter.

Right Outfit: the straight (pencil) skirt and length above knee (approx 3cms) make Aleksandra look slimmer and taller.

What do you think? Do you have the same struggles than Aleksandra has? If so, please share them with us………..

What do you think?

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