Aleksandra’s Wardrobe Detox – Outfit Idea 2 & 3

Here I’m again showing you more outfit ideas that I put together with Aleksandra from Unveil the Beauty while detoxing and organising her wardrobe. If you wanted to see what the “Outfit Idea 1” was all about click here. Aleksandra has beautiful curves and a very defined waistline which are some of her body assets together with her gorgeous eyes, skin complexion and bust line. The heaviest parts of her body are her thighs, and calves and in terms of body’s proportions, Aleksandra has a short torso.

So, my intention of putting these outfits together is to show you how we can create optical illusions on our body by choosing cuts, styles, lengths, necklines, etc. that helps us highlight our body assets, and in this case make Aleksandra look taller and slimmer. And please let me clarify something, Aleksandra looks beautiful on both of the outfits (2 & 3). However, when we dress on styles that are the most flattering on our silhouette and highlight our assets that’s when I think you get that feeling of looking “fabulous”.

In regards to these 2 outfits; they both communicate a totally different message because they are two complete different looks. You may have a different opinion than mine, but I personally think that outfit 3 looks much more flattering than 2; why?

Outfit Idea 2 collage


The short skirt reveals more of Aleksandra’s legs which give the illusion of length.

The vertical detail with the frill on the top and the vertical stripes on the skirt gives you the illusion of lengthening as well.

The V-neck neckline reveals more skin and lengthens her neck and torso.

Aleksandra is exposing her skin through her cleavage, arms and legs which creates and optical trick of looking taller and leaner.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Are you seeing what I’m seeing with Aleksandra’s outfits?  Please leave your comments below. Writing down your thoughts may help you to learn and clarify some of the questions you had in mind about fashion and styling.

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