Creating Your Own Wardrobe Clusters

Wardrobe Capsules



Building your own clothing clusters or “capsules” is the ideal way to create a versatile wardrobe, complete with “ready to go” outfits. What exactly does a clothing cluster contain? In general, each cluster should be a versatile mix and match of 5 to 12 pieces, including jackets, skirts, blouses, pants, footwear and accessories that harmonize effortlessly.


These wardrobe capsules should act as your primary stop before making any impulse purchases that you may not need.

Why Cluster?

The reason is simple – to save you money, time and headaches. Why go out and waste money when you may have a plethora of garments at home just waiting to be combined with one another.

Many women are unaware of all the outfit possibilities that their current wardrobe offers.

For this reason, it’s best to try and create clusters within your own closet before buying more unmatchable garments from the store. Explore your wardrobe to determine the wearability of each item, while eliminating anything you can’t use.

Cluster for Ease

When you create your wardrobe clusters, consider your lifestyle and what type of ensembles you tend to sport on a daily basis. Business-savvy women may desire a series of work garment clusters with a separate cluster for weekend-wear. Wardrobe clusters can be created for nearly any occasion, including date night, beachwear, cocktail hour or workouts. This idea is to make the group of items within each cluster mix and match.

Use your new-found cluster creating skills as your foundation for an organized and versatile wardrobe. With the help of clothing clusters, you can make better purchasing decisions, reduce dressing stress and always have something stylish to wear.

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  • Kerry Gray

    Vesna, such an amazing website full of great helpful ideas for styling. I can’t wait to organise a time to get some help with my wardrobe.
    Kerry xx

    • Hi Kerry,
      Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to your wardrobe makeover!

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