The power of a Wardrobe Makeover

Tracey Phillips

A good collection of clothing is an investment in self-esteem and a vital part of your strategy for self-fulfillment. As you learn to organise and plan your wardrobe you will be able to cut through all the clutter and confusion of what to wear. Build a wardrobe that really works for you and you will wake up every morning with the knowledge that every outfit you choose will be the right one.

I prepared this collage photo after doing a wardrobe makeover not along ago. My client and I decided to focus on the spring summer capsule and then doing the Autumn/Winter capsule later on. Because of my client’s lifestyle we decided to have just one cluster (work wear and casual/weekend wear) and categorise it be styles and colours. Having just one wardrobe capsule doesn’t always work, i.e. you might have an office wear capsule (corporate styles) and then another capsule for everyday/casual wear. That’s why before I get into the “hands-on” part of the session (de-cluttering) I discuss with my client her lifestyle needs and personal style.

A wardrobe makeover will give you, at least, 2 hours of fun, enlightenment,  that “aha moment” and a new passion and joy about your wardrobe. Cost: $70 p/hour. Plus a Personalised Style Guide, photos of the different outfits created during the session and your own Pinterest Style Board

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If you have never experienced a professional wardrobe makeover, don’t wait any longer. It’s a fun way to refresh your look, revitalise your wardrobe space and enjoy getting dressed each day. 

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