WHY would you de-clutter your wardrobe?


My wardrobe Before & After Collage

“Women usually love what they buy , yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets” Mignon McLaughlin…

After seeing so many wardrobes during my time as a personal stylist I’ve found that most of the time is the clutter in our wardrobes that can give us the feeling of “I have nothing to wear”. When you have a cluttered wardrobe you can’t even see what you have in there and that creates a cluttering feeling in your mind as well (mental space) and in your heart (emotional space). What may happen then is to compensate for this feeling we then buy lots of things on impulse or because they are on sale or simply because you may feel bored about your current style.

Some of you’ve  already done a wardrobe makeover with me . If that’s you, I’d really appreciate if you could please share your experience about how you felt after de-cluttering your wardrobe and the benefits that this experience brought to your life.

Perhaps who have downloaded and read the “How to create versatile and organised wardrobe in 5 simple steps” eGuide when you subscribed to my newsletter, and you may have already done your own wardrobe makeover. So, it’d be great to hear from you about this experience.

And finally for those of you who haven’t done a wardrobe session or haven’t implemented the steps given in this eGuide, I was wondering if organising your wardrobe is something that you’ve considered to do? Clearly, there should be a reason why you would organise your wardrobe, like everything in life ,when we feel we need a change it’s because something is currently bothering us……so if this is YOU, my suggestion would be write down ‘WHY” you want to declutter your wardrobe. How will it improve your home & life? What benefits will it bring to you?

Remember that your wardrobe is where you start your day. We all need to get dressed everyday so why not spend some time sorting out what you have in there and getting rid of things that don’t look flattering on you. Once you know what you have it will be much easier to identify what pieces you have missing to complement your current wardrobe. So, next time you hit the fashion stores you can stick to your shopping list.

Write it in a journal or notepad but put it down and out of your head!
Without  the WHY – you don’t have the desire. Even write it here in the comments below to share with others to help them discover their WHY.

What do you think?

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