Christmas Day style tips

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of you may be thinking what I’m going to wear on Christmas Day. And whether you dress in Christmas colours or not, the location or the venue of the Christmas party will help you decide what sort of style of clothing you will have to wear.

Here in Australia, Christmas Day is normally hot. The location of the party where you will be celebrating Christmas, in the backyard next to the pool, beachside, indoors in air-conditioning, in a hotel or restaurant, will determine how casual or dressy the outfit will be.

For a casual outfit, let’s say you are going to be celebrating at the beach or poolside, in the backyard or on a deck, opt of for natural fabrics like, cotton, linen, bamboo or viscose to you keep you cool and flowing styles that you can easily take off and throw on over your bathers.

For a more formal Christmas day, you can opt for nice cocktail or summer wedding dress. A dress really simplifies the whole outfit combination, you don’t have to think too much about mixing and matching, simply add some strappy heels, metallic flats, a cocktail ring or a bold necklace and you’re done. A little shimmer will add a festive detail to your outfit.

On my next blog I’ll put together some outfit ideas for casual outfit and for formal outfits, so stay tuned…….

Please share below in the comments?… Do you buy yourself something new to wear at Christmas time? Have you bought anything yet?

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